Thursday, November 19, 2020

Too Much Truth Dept.

     My secret heartthrob Gina Carano tweeted this:

     ...and the Left is going apeshit over it.

     Spread it around!


Paul in Boston said...

I had a similar thought, make every one wear wear a full burka, aka, a hijab at all times, even while taking a shower or bath. If you voted for Trump, it’s optional. It would do wonders for Congress if Pelosi and Schumer were forced to do this.

The Conserviative's Revenge said...

First of all, lets face it Joe Biden ran a campaign like someone who was only going through the motions because he already KNEW that his being elected was IN THE BAG. He knew that he was going to win. And if that wasn’t sickening enough
The events that happened last Saturday Night at the Washington DC march by the radical Left was absolutely disgusting!… Antifa, and Black Lives Matters Interfered with every move that the Trump Protesters tried to do.
They harassed,, attacked, threatened and did anything, and everything that remotely was connected with President Trump
And Now, after the fact Uncle Joe is telling everyone that WE MUST ALL UNITE, and that HE is going to represent ALL of us, “Not Just The Red States, But ALL of America”– — after telling the President of the United States of America to “SHUT UP” at the 1st Debate and calling us Trump supporters “CHUMPS”! And Chuck Schumer saying President Trump’s Decision to Fight the Results in Court, Calling it “Dangerous.”

Since when doesn’t the President of the United States of America have the RIGHT to challenge the results of the Election??? I guess that the LEFT conveniently forgot that Hillary Clinton said very recently that BIDEN SHOULD HOT CONCEDE THE ELECTION UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES”