Monday, November 23, 2020

Some Hopeful Signs

 No, not that Trump will prevail (I still hope, but am preparing like it's not gonna happen).

But, that The People are taking back control of their lives as a Free People.

What I wrote about seems to be happening in real time - namely, the distribution of the vaccines. With that in process, the Left will have to look for another excuse to keep us confined and helpless.

Consider dipping into your own pocket (use that money you've saved from cutting the cord) to help support the Dissident Press - blogs, podcasts, and video. We need to make it financially possible for them to continue getting news out there. The alternative is the status quo - a Chinese Bought & Paid For Media. It's not just the Big Media - it's the Soros Project of putting 'reporters' into local and regional papers/media.

Pay for a subscription, toss independents a PayPal donation (1-time, or ongoing), and be sure to buy the books of the Dissident Press.

Trump is still fighting for an American America - he's working on blacklisting the Government-connected Chinese companies.

Are you involved with Air BnB? Either as a customer/temporary landlord? You may want to back out of that service.

I enjoy Kurt Schlichter's feisty spirit. His Town Hall column today really perked me up.

We’re not going anywhere. We’re not retreating. We’re not hiding. We’re not pulling into our conservative shell like some right-wing tortoise. This is our country.

We built it. We feed it. We fuel it. We defend it. And we’re not giving away any of it or ceding a single inch to a bunch of corrupt incompetents with delusions of dictatorship.

Live Free and Die HARD! 


Kye said...

Excuse me I believe it's : Live hard and die free. But that just may be my style.

Linda Fox said...

Nope. The official title of the movie is Live Free and Die Hard.
As in, HARD to kill. And, refusing to give up your freedom.