Monday, November 2, 2020

The Gideon 300 Reinforcements Are Starting to Show Up

 For a long time, those of us who were holding the line have felt abandoned. In 2008, when Obama and Biden first were elected to the Executive Offices, we were:

  • Ridiculed for our "paranoid" concerns about Executive overreach and abuses
  • Derided as a snaggle-toothed Nazi - BOTH evil AND dumb
  • Called 'Racist' at every opportunity
  • Questioned, with great concern, about our mental stability - couldn't we see that Obama was The Savior? How could we possibly not fall in with what everyone else was feeling and thinking?
  • Excluded from a lot of people's social media, in-person conversations, and lives
Fast forward to 2020. As it now stands, we're looking prophetic. The pro-MAGA crowds are growing - so much so, even the corrupt media is admitting the strength of that support. In formerly Democratic stronghold, Philadelphia, Trump supporters are coming out to demonstrate that support.

Establishment Dems are beginning to express their understanding that the election MAY well be lost. I don't think it's a ploy; they want to be able to show up on the talk shows and point to their 'early' call as evidence of their election savvy. They're looking like it's all but over.

The battle is NOT over - it's the election that shows the advice given long ago, by Hugh Hewitt, to run up the score. His book, If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat, pointed out that the only thing that would hold back massive voter fraud was a literal flood at the polls. Which appears to be the result that is being delivered this election.

Or, so it seems. I'm a cautious person. I speed, but I also use a laser detector. I jaywalk, but I also look both ways. I'm seeing the signs of a massive landslide, but I'm still anxious, praying, and crossing my fingers.



I said prayers this morning wearing my tefillin, which I am trying to do consistently.

Hashem help us all.

I believe, firmly, that even if it's a Trumpslide, that we retake the House and get to 60 votes in the Senate, that the Left WILL NOT TAKE THE LESSON.

They are Missionaries, you see. The wiser, smarter, more educated "anointed intellects" that Sowell wrote about in so many books.

Linda Fox said...

Oh, I agree. Any victory will be a temporary victory. Unless we have the stones to deal true justice to the perps that tried to bring us down.
Not likely. But, perhaps the temporary victory will bring sufficient breathing room for us to raise a generation of warriors - men and women of character, who know what right and wrong is, and who are smart, skilled, and willing to risk it all for freedom.
Home schooling/virtual schooling may end up saving the American Family, a nice side effect of COVID lockdowns.


Peripherally related, but... hopefully worthy of a post.

Be the America HONG KONG thinks we are.

People around the world cry out for freedom, and too f*cking many Americans cry out for chains.



I agree 100%.

A Trumpslide, House, and Senate, will only buy us time. But precious time. To arm, to prepare, to start retaking the schools, to further inroads #blexit #lexit #jexit #asianexit #walkaway etc.