Friday, September 6, 2013


From just this morning:

FWP: What are you going to work on today?
CSO: Some tax returns for St. Joseph’s [a local convent].

FWP: Boy, the IRS sure is relentless, isn’t it?
CSO: Hm?

FWP: The man’s been dead for two thousand years and they’re still after him?
CSO: Hey, once they launch an audit they don’t let go until they find something. Besides, he made his money long before the Church was recognized as a tax-exempt organization.
FWP: Oh.

[Yes, Gentle Reader, these exchanges really do take place at 4:30 AM. Mainly in the shower. Some of them happen before coffee, though that’s really no excuse.]


Mark said...

You're a very luck man, Mr. Porretto!

Guy S said...

If he had never gotten into the aspirin business, this wouldn't be happening!!