Monday, September 23, 2013

Quickies: A Change In Style, Not Substance

When your opposition changes the subject, you know you have him on the defensive. When your opposition changes his lexicon, he's almost certainly trying to disguise his true intentions from those upon whom he'd like to inflict them.

"Gun Control" has apparently lost popularity since the Washington Navy Yard shooting. More, the Left seems to have realized this. But they're not going to back away from that critical component of their plan to subjugate Americans. No, never! So now, they're speaking of gun reform:

A review of media coverage by the Media Research Center shows that "gun reform" as opposed to "gun control" is fast becoming the media's go-to descriptive for gun control issues.

MRC's Kristine Marsh writes:

The term 'gun reform' was mentioned just 25 times in print in three top newspapers--The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and The Washington Post--from 1986- April 14, 2012. From April to December 2012, the term did not make an appearance at all until the Newtown tragedy December 14. After that, the three papers have aggressively used the term at a rate faster than ever before. In just the past eight months since Newtown, these three papers have used 'gun reform' 23 times, nearly as many times as they had used it in the 26 years prior.

Marsh found that the new terminology is showing up all across the media. Not just the newspapers but MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNBC have all been using the term with increasing frequency.

And it is not just the media. Anti-gun advocacy groups are also admitting that the term "gun control" has gained a negative connotation and they feel the need to change their rhetoric.

"Moms Demand Action publicly admitted to The Washington Post in February that it would not use the term 'gun control' anymore and preferred to use phrases like 'common-sense gun regulations' or 'common-sense reforms' instead," Marsh says.

Even President Obama is using the new term, Marsh found.

I'm sorry, Gentle Reader. I just can't help it. This demands an article in the style of The Onion:

Deranged Gun Rampages Through Shopping Mall

Bushmaster AR-15, a Military-Style Assault Rifle wielding a helpless homeless man, went on a killing spree through the Acme Mall late yesterday, killing 17 shoppers and wounding 23 others. It was stopped by an off-duty master sergeant who threatened it with kitchen police duty. Upon hearing that it was about to be compelled to work with the effeminate Cuisinarts and despised KitchenAids, it turned on itself.

"It's heartbreaking," the gun's mother, a retired howitzer prominent in local affairs, wept as she was interviewed by a local television station. "He was doing so well. He attended his mandatory gun-reform classes without complaint, and spoke often about what he learned there. At home he was the perfect son. We thought he'd adjusted completely to civilian life!" Her husband, a Sherman tank, declined to talk to our reporters.

A representative from the local FBI field office called to the scene stated unequivocally that it was not an act of terrorism.

And how has your Monday been going, Gentle Reader?

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