Friday, September 27, 2013

Quickies: The Establishment Has To Get Its Digs In

In this morning's "Morning Jolt," Jim Geraghty's daily email from the hallowed halls of National Review Online, we find the following:

Is Obamacare Doomed to Collapse No Matter What Congress Does?

Either everything we're hearing about Obamacare from the people implementing it is wrong, or it's going to be an unmanageable disaster. We may someday look back and think Ted Cruz and his like-minded Republicans worked tooth and nail to save Democrats from one of their biggest policy mistakes in decades.

If Geraghty really thinks letting the Democrats' "big legislative accomplishment" fail out in front of God and everybody -- presumedly so the Republicans will reap an electoral benefit -- is more important than deflecting the "train wreck" (Max Baucus) that's about to collide with millions of American households, his priorities diverge rather sharply from mine.

Political advantage isn't everything, Establishmentarian friends. There's also right, justice, and the well-being of America and Americans.


lelnet said...

I can think of only two reasons why the GOP establishment would refuse to back Cruz.

The first option, and the one I'd prefer be the truth, is the one implicit in the NRO piece...they know that if/when implemented, it will be a disaster that can be successfully blamed on the Democrats, and don't want the Democratic Party to escape the blame that is their proper due, simply because we managed to avoid the disaster. (In other words "yeah, you managed to swerve in time to not hit the little girl and her kitten, but you were still driving 150 miles an hour on a residential street while too drunk to stand up straight! You don't deserve to walk away free!". Regretting the fact that a lucky break costs the offender his due lesson isn't really the same thing as actually wishing he'd killed the girl and the cat, even though it might sound like it.)

The second option, which I fear is more likely, is that many of them are secretly on-board with the idea, no matter how much harm it does. They expect that their side will eventually return to power, and relish what having absolute authority over the life and death of every citizen will be like, once this monstrosity is fully implemented.

daniel_day said...

The idea that failure of 0bamacare can be pinned on Democrats is naive. Half of America is fully comfortable with the idea of taking (stealing, taxing, whatever) money from the other half, "the rich", and will accept whatever the MSM tells them about the "real" cause for the failure.

Anonymous said...

Will it fail? Will SS fail? Social Security began 78 years ago and now most people under 50 think it won't be there for them and most people over 50 are pretty sure it will be gutted and leave them in deep crap in retirement. So, yes, I think Obamacare will fail and the Republican strategy is flawless... Except that we will have to wait 78 years for that failure.

Differ said...

As withCNN championing the latest IPC report's blatant lies in the face of the ladt 25 years of evidence to the contrary, expect our Soviet-style media to roundly proclaim the Affordable Train Wreck a shining success. And 50% of the American population will believe it despite the ability to look at their own paystubs, receipts etc. and actually work it out for themselves based on the evidence.