Monday, September 16, 2013


The national political leadership of the United States is all but devoid of people who can even perceive the cataclysm that lies ahead of us, much less devise any way to avoid it. The Democrats are now in thrall to trans-national Socialism. The Republicans, with very few exceptions, have hitched their wagon to the same star, preferring to play permanent second fiddle as the “Democrat Lite” party rather than offer any meaningful ideological alternative.[1]
But these leaders who are oblivious to the cataclysm hold themselves out as stellar patriots.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn warned us, "Live not by lies." But that's all we do tolerate. Islamic massacre on an Army base is "workplace violence." Suicidal multiculturalism is "our strength." Homicidal, savage, primitive Islam is imported as a wondrous, precious addition to our bastardized society. The traitors yell about a "propositional" nation where not one minority, not one Muslim, not one uninvited third-world invader can name three of the propositions that bind us together as tightly as Obama's lips are Superglued to King Abracadabra's ass.

Vote fraud is testament to the wonders of the universal franchise. Rampant subsidized bastardy is the fruit of wise social policy. Fiscal profligacy is healthy investment. Sodomy is fun. And printing money is the path to economic revival.

Only a few brave leaders see the damage that the radical, treasonous left has done over the last 80 years. The rest bray about amnesty, creeds, the eviscerated Constitution, bigotry (white), racism (white), our "exceptionalism," benevolent government, and wise legislators and judges. Their fondest dream is to make white Americans a minority in their own country.

Without leaders it will be left to the people to pick up the pieces when it all collapses, after they pay a terrible price in blood and treasure in the cultural, economic, and political chaos that is inevitable.

[1] "Let’s Get One Thing Straight." By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 9/15/13.

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furball said...


You, Fran, the Greek guy and others are preaching to the choir here. I'm sure you've realized it, gotten disappointed, and then decided to write more to help the rest of us understand.

If you've read Fran's books, imagine if Sumner had lost.

Yeah, the guy who says simple Constitutional and economic truths lost.

I don't think the media will report that simple kind of message and I am not sure anyone is even saying it (though I've heard a few say that a Ted Cruz/Allen West ticket might.)

What I'm suggesting is that Fran and (maybe) you and the rest of us hope that if we had another "great communicator" who could enunciate clear Constitutional principles and common sense. . . well, then, people would "come around."

At least, maybe 51% would.

I think DeToqueville talked about America's exceptionalism coming out of churches. I think Adams or one of the founders said that America's Constitution relied on a moral people - with "moral" firmly based in a Judeo-Christian ethic.

The idea that we're fighting for 51% of the popular vote is . . .

sick? wrong? perverted? proof that something has gone terribly whacko?

If we had the underlying ethic, we wouldn't be fighting this way for 51% of the vote. We might still be arguing about foreign policy or a gold standard, but we wouldn't be so divided about immigration, diversity, Islam, enemies, Putin's Op-Ed, the 1%, what "rights" really are or why "crony-capitalism" is evil, fascist, statist and the probable ruin of both capitalism AND our Republic.

I read Market Ticker and other blogs that prophesy we're going to heck in a hand basket pretty soon. I agree, in theory, but this world has a LOT of inertia. It might be 20 or 30 years before the BIG THING causes a breakdown of confidence and the collapse of the technological backbone of modern life.

If or when that happens, it may be that idealogical purists gain the upper hand. But somehow, I doubt it.

What I can imagine - and hope for - is that family and the values of tradition and responsibility reassert themselves as driving forces of human conduct.

That's not winning 51% of the vote. That's surviving.