Friday, September 27, 2013

Quickies: The Audacity Of...Greed?

Just a moment ago, a brief exchange with an old friend unaccountably put me in mind of Barack Hussein Obama's ghostwritten campaign book The Audacity Of Hope. Leaving aside that the title of that unreadable tome was lifted directly from a sermon by America-hating racialist pastor Jeremiah Wright, there's this as well:

What, exactly, were Obama's followers supposed to hope, audaciously or otherwise, for?

From everything we've seen to date, if it isn't great crashing waves and torrents of yummy stuff involuntarily paid for by the people who didn't vote for him, I can't think what it might be. Can you?

Yet the Left calls us "greedy." It is to laugh...hollowly, and with one hand on a gun.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is the new cookie monster but instead of yelling "cookies" to his followers he is yelling "free stuff".