Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Muslim's oath of allegiance.

Diana West reports this:
Pew polling from 2013 indicates that 91 percent of Iraqis support making sharia the law of the land (the figure in 99 percent in Afghanistan).[1]
With those kinds of majorities, it is a logical inference then that all Muslims think that shariah law should be the law of the land, including the law of the land to which they have emigrated. Stated differently, where is there any evidence that Muslims in the West, anywhere in the West, believe otherwise, that shariah should not be the law of the Western land in which they reside?

Muslim-majority country

Answer: there is no such evidence. More to the point, shariah does not permit a non-Muslim to rule over a Muslim. Therefore, a Muslim swearing an oath of allegiance to the United States as part of a naturalization proceeding is swearing allegiance to a country that is fundamentally inconsistent with shariah.

The linked article immediately above also reveals that under shariah a Muslim who leaves Islam must be killed immediately. A Muslim may also not receive the death penalty if he kills a non-Muslim. In a host of other ways, that same article shows how fundamentally hostile shariah is to any Western country.

Muslims are not and cannot be loyal citizens of a Western country and they demonstrate at every opportunity their determination to remain separate and apart from infidel culture and laws. Every step that a Muslim takes in a Western country is an implicit three-finger salute to his infidel neighbors.

Muslims cannot swear honestly to be loyal citizens of any Western country. Any oath of allegiance of a non-apostate Muslim is a lie. And if any of this offends the delicate flowers of our society and in the ranks of the Council on American–Islamic Relations, so be it. The ludicrous idea that Muslims in the U.S. intend to integrate into our infidel society and that they are our allies in the war on Islam terror infuriates me even more.

[1] "Something Missing from Iraq War Story (As Usual)." By Diana West, 5/19/15.


The Colonel of Truth said...

I agree brother.

Dr.D said...

This is spot on, and is what every American needs to understand. It is also the complete case for the instant deportation of every muzzie in America, bar none. We should eliminate very last one of them; we cannot coexist with them.

In the WWII period, we made communism illegal and prosecuted people for it. Izlam is nothing but a political system (dressed up in religious garb), so why can't we make it illegal? Looks like the way to go, with deportation (or execution) the only options on conviction.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That's a great post. My post here is pretty much a "me too" contribution.

The American people seem to be tone deaf on matters constitutional. The leftist zealots love to describe ours as a "propositional nation" but, so help me, what that proposition is is a total mystery to me. One episode of Watter's World on O'Reilly is enough to shiver your timbers but good on that point. But whatever it is, we're all apparently united behind it.

Limiting government power and requiring it to protect our liberties seem like two major operating principles of the republic but every day of the year Americans tolerate the federal arrogation of power to itself and numberless encroachments on our liberty. Federal criminal "civil rights" prosecutions a violation of the prohibition on double jeopardy? No problem. The courts say "different jurisdiction therefore no double jeopardy" but they clearly choose a result that is one that allows the enormous powers of the state to be used against the individual. Is the "different jurisdiction" concept an affirmation of liberty? Not by my book but we accept it. DOJ is gearing up for a royal screwing of that Cleveland policeman a la the Simi Valley officers in the Rodney King fiasco.

The reigning idea in low-information voter and the treason class appears to be that the system self corrects to liberty, common sense, and moderation. The opposite is true. The system naturally devolves to anarchy and stupidity.

Great choice of photo.

Col. B. Bunny said...

@Dr. D.

This country long ago lost the ability to distinguish between Americans and foreigners. We (whites) decry any affirmation of our own race, culture, language, and history and cower at the mere hint of racial or ethnic pride on the part of foreigners or minorities. I appreciate quality and decency wherever I find it but fume at the idea that there is none of either in us. The "narrative" is quite the opposite of that.

Throughout history humans have survived by being able to say "you are not like us" and it was never about skin color alone but about ideas, laws, customs, and hostility. It is demanded of us that we not ponder the first three and assume away the fourth. This is our way, in contravention of all past human experience.

Treason is a much underused legal weapon. It seems to me, consistent with what I (and The Colonel of Truth) wrote, that the mere fact that one is a Muslim is conclusive evidence of treason. You just can't believe what a Muslim must believe on pain of vigilante murder and say you can play a role in American life other than as an economic actor. A Muslim has to believe that America is just a cool place to live and work with an imposition of shariah a necessary eventuality.

andy5759 said...

After two thousand years of civilization the northern hemisphere nations have almost lost the time honoured tenet of 'steal that girl, kill that man'. Primitive cultures retain that atavistic link to our own caveman past. We won the last race, will we win this one?

Col. B. Bunny said...

Flaccid seems to be the operative word when talking about the West. A cream puff without the filling. Personified by the Scandinavian politician (Swedish?) who said we have to be nice to minorities so that when they are the majority they will be nice to us. There's what will kill us off. Wanting to be nice.

Anonymous said...

One word to know and understand so that you may know your enemy (they have labeled you their enemy.. you have no choice in the matter): taqiyya.