Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bizarre Discovery of the Month

     This might not appeal to everyone. Indeed, I’ll be surprised if it appeals to anyone but me. All the same:

Put a chunk or two -- about 2 ounces -- of freshly cut pineapple into a highball glass,
Add 4 ounces of Harvey’s Bristol Cream,
Top off the glass with crushed ice.

     It was an accidental discovery, but so were penicillin, the microscope, and vulcanized rubber.

     (Retirement is proving to be a fertile medium, as long as you don’t care what you germinate!)


  1. Another accidental cocktail. Open a bottle of Shiner beer and take a drink. Then pour in a shot of Jagermeister and let sit a few seconds. Take another swallow. It tastes just like root beer!

  2. Fran,
    You may have stumbled upon a new vocation.

  3. Does this discovery have anything to do with your post earlier today?


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