Sunday, May 31, 2015

Quickies: “Rights” And “Free”

     Those of us with three functioning brain cells foresaw this the moment the talk about “regulating the Internet” started:

     It didn’t take long for the government thieves to concoct their first plan to steal from the average American to give to the poor, lazy, and illegals, using the finest of Marxist excuses. It’s a need – a right – for those who allegedly can’t pay for it themselves. No one minds giving to the poor but that is not what this is.

     FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, an Obama minion, plans to increase the taxes on Americans.

     Broadband will be subsidized by working class Americans for those who aren’t working. The plan includes sweeping changes and declares broadband as an essential right we must pay for....

     The Internet is now a right. In a socialist nation, everything becomes a right.

     Sigh. If only Americans understood the difference between defensive and assertive rights...or the difference between “freedom from” and “freedom to.” Three generations ago, most Americans still did. But it would seem that our government-run indoctrination centers schools have done their job too thoroughly for the common citizen to waste his time over mere ideas.

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