Thursday, May 7, 2015

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln.

Indeed, two premises underwrite Irish, American and EU policy towards terror and Islam. The first holds that Islam is one of the world’s “great religions,” implying moral equivalence with other cultures. The second premise holds that Islam is a “religion of peace,” an assumption that ignores jihad as war, denies that Islam is at war with America and the democratic West.

If Islamic culture, in its Sunni and Shia incarnations, is “great,” how then does the West rationalize polygamy, misogyny, slavery, child trafficking, kidnapping, stoning, beheadings, crucifixions, capital homophobia, cultural vandalism, summary execution of infidels and apostates, terror in all its incarnations, bloody jihad, and a near universal intolerance that rejects Western values and culture, especially those associated Jews or Christians? How is it that the Muslim Turkish sponsors of the Armenian Genocide are not called to account after a 100 years? How [are] any Islamic state and associated clergy, scholars, mimbers [?], mosques [?], or fellaheen [peasants] “great” by any of these standards?

I'm not sure why mosques and fellahin are included. Basic point is sound, however.

"Hibernian Anti-Semitism." By G. Murphy Donovan, American Thinker, 5/6/15.

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Anonymous said...

The same way they rationalize the West's own culture of abortion, euthanasia, and no-fault divorce.

Mammon & Molech aren't going to cast the first stone.