Saturday, May 9, 2015

Free-speech & "fine lines"

Well, we can thank Alysin Camerota (especially at 2:30 mark+) for clarifying that whole Free-Speech + "fine line" thing for us. As you've already read here at Liberty's Torch (and many other places around the web since last Sunday's jihad-attack in Garland, Texas) LOTS of media-types agree wholeheartedly with her. This cartoon and an earlier version was inspired by all of those quislings. Islam aside (oh, that it was just that easy to brush barbarians away!), consider the Sisyphean task of pleasing an entire world all at the same time...and for all time. Whew! Makes me feel like a nap.


bob r said...


Those attempting to place those "fine lines" might think about "line of fire". As in "being in the line of fire is hazardous to one's health."

Gary Hunt said...

When $$$ become free speech by the Supreme Court, and cartoons become "prohibited" by the press, then our country is lost.

Paul Bonneau said...

It's like everything else. There is the world of media, and there is the real world. It's better to ignore the talking heads and just do what we please, constrained only by our conscience and self-interest. I never understood why some people feel constrained by the PC fantasies of the Ministry of Propaganda. If they don't think we should say certain things, I can't think of a better reason to go ahead and say them.