Wednesday, October 21, 2015

An American woman speaks the truth.

We're jumping continents here but Tomi Lahren (Rapid City, San Diego, Texas) effortlessly puts her finger on the Muslim threat to America. God bless this astonishing young woman who exhibits what used to be bedrock American common sense.

Now Santa Angela has a good 40 years on this woman but can only suck her thumb and twist her hair when faced with the impending arrival of over a million Muslim invaders of Germany. "We can manage," declares Merkel but what she means is the she will do nothing about a mortal threat to Germany and Europe -- except, of course, try to increase the number of Muslims coming to Europe.

What is crystal clear in the thinking of Ms. Lahren is murky, recondite, evasive, and duplicitous in Merkel's. Merkel temporizes and obfuscates but Lahren lays it all out in two minutes and 37 seconds. A stellar example of the "Can we just cut the crap?" approach that Western people all over the world are just begging to see in their leaders.


Backwoods Engineer said...

Too bad she's no longer employed by OAN. I subscribed to their streaming service specifically to see her reports, and now she's gone. But, the news service is better than Fox News, so it's a keeper.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks for the heads up on OAN. I'm trying to persuade the girlfriend to ditch the satellite so an alternate channel would be nice to know about.

She's joined Glenn Beck and apparently will have her own show there so she's not out of the picture.