Sunday, October 18, 2015

Family reunification.

It's a rule. Families in the third-world must be moved to the first world.

If you abandon your family and take off for sunnier climes in Europe, you MUST be able as a matter of RIGHT to bring your whole flaming family into where you ended up.

This is a sacred rule. The most sacredest rule ever. And so Western countries are helpless. They MUST obey this rule.

No one knows for sure where this sacred rule came from or why it is so powerful, but the rule must be obeyed and it cannot be changed. No, it cannot.

This sacred rule is almost as sacred as the proposition that any nationalist is INVARIABLY a Nazi.

We know nationalists are Nazis for the same reason that we KNOW that if you're a bus driver you INVARIABLY want to drive your bus into the river. That's what you want to do if you are a bus driver.

And if you're a surgeon, you INVARIABLY want to be an axe murderer.

That's how this works.

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