Saturday, October 31, 2015

Quickies: The Big Lie About Gun “Control”

     Courtesy of Western Rifle Shooters:

     In a nutshell! Gun control is not and has never been about guns, “public safety,” or any of the other shibboleths of the anti-gun crowd; it’s about who gets to have guns and wield them, and at whose pleasure and direction...and the answer to that question, so nicely rendered in the above, is 100% of the reason for the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

     Never forget that the Dishonorable Chuck Schumer, the most rabidly pro-“gun control” creature in Congress, has a Concealed Carry Permit. Do you think he’d ever willingly surrender his guns?


Anonymous said...

An Open letter to gun grabber Obama, Hillary and the Supreme court

To begin on a positive note, let’s begin with thanking you for making the colossal mistake of admitting the obvious to us all:
That you do indeed want to CONFISCATE our guns.
In most cases, gun grabbers wait until they passed the step of promising not to do so and conning people into registration (always a necessity in taking the people’s means of self defense) before talking CONFISCATION, but you and your fellow travelers “jumped the Gun” [Pardon the pun] and started to believe your own hegemony and Bull cookies

This is all fine and dandy with many of us – we find your new found honesty about your Socialist ideology and a love for gun Confiscation to be quite refreshing as of late, but I digress….

Perhaps you and your comrades have underestimated the people, that we weren’t paying attention and didn’t notice this egregious blunder on your part.. sorry to break the news to you, but we did.

And with Al Gore’s creation of the internet, we can spread news of this far and wide. So the cat’s out of the bag and you ought to acknowledge the truth for all time.

None the less, I do have some more pressing matters to discuss with you on guns and your obsession with stealing them from us.

Let me make a few things perfectly clear to you .
1. You can forget for your statist fantasies about controlling our Private property through Intergalactic Background Checks.
(Intergalactic is decidedly more ‘comprehensive’ than universal, don’t you agree? I though you would)

You people barely have the authority to control this over state lines with the atrocious Wickard V. Filburn decision, but you surely DON’T have the authority to control my private property and my selling something to a neighbor down the block.

But go ahead and get another ruling that one again rips apart the founding documents and the rule of law. As a nation we’re getting mighty close to not given a flying fornication what 9 citizens on the supreme court have to say on this or any subject. So keep pushing the boundary boys and girls, one of these days we’re going to ignore your rulings like you ignore the rule of law.

2. We aren’t Registering Diddly Squat with you people.

Never mind that history has shown the sequence to be registration, Confiscation, annihilation..

Never mind that you have already admitted that is just an incremental but necessary step to confiscation.

And never mind that you think you’ve fooled people into believing your Bull cookies about “Gun Safety”

No, the Good lord has granted us the natural right of self defense and you aren’t taking that away under ANY circumstances…

If you doubt our resolve on this point, may I to refer you to the socialist red state of New York and other environs who have steadfastly refused your Stalinist dictates.

No, we don’t need your Permission to defend ourselves – We already have that, thank you very much.

Did you miss the memo from well nigh over 200 years ago from the people about the consent of the governed? [And I’m talking the citizens of the US, not the golden horde of imposters you’ve been willfully bringing in over the border to tip the balance and destroy the nation]

So you can stuff your tyrannical dreams of registration where the sun don’t shine, It’s not happening.

3. And we for dang sure aren’t going to let you confiscate our means of defense from a tyrannical government. But that should be obvious to you by now.

So go ahead and knock yourself out passing all manner of new laws and regulations, or new supreme court decesions that trample on the very documents you swore to protect.

You people have very capably demonstrated the art of ignoring the rule of law, and if you can do it – SO CAN WE THE PEOPLE!

Reg T said...

Fran, back when I worked for the California Highway Patrol, Dianne Feinstein was the Mayor of San Francisco. She called for the residents of SF to turn in their handguns, in order to make it "safer".

The communications center where I worked had access to various state-wide law enforcement databases. At the time Feinstein was telling people to turn in their handguns, one of the people in our comm center ran her for weapons registered to her. She had SIX. It's certainly possible she had more. As with Schumer, hypocrisy runs rampant among those who call for gun control. They love guns. They just don't want the rest of us to have them.