Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quickies: From The Biter Bit Files

     Apparently, Muslims don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot:

     About 200 protesters crowded in front of an Arizona mosque Saturday afternoon to demonstrate against Islam as part of a nationwide campaign that went largely unheeded.

     KTAR radio reports that the protesters in Phoenix held a rally in front of the Islamic Community Center. The rally appeared to be most significant size in the country after a call for protests against Islam in America this weekend.

     KSAZ reports 19 other cities held protests organized by the “Global Rally for Humanity” group against radical Islam. Many Muslim protesters showed up as well to give their community a voice.

     “They're trying to say that the whole religion, or all of the Muslims are just like the violent extremists," said Sumayyah Dawud, who is Muslim.

     Usama Shami, president of the Islamic Community Center said, rally organizers are displaying their bigotry.

     Will no one drag these...persons in front of a camera and compel them to answer a few simple questions? I have a list:

  • “Which parts of the Qur’an do you disagree with?”
  • “What about taqiyya and kitman? May Muslims lie to non-Muslims in the service of Islam?”
  • “Do you believe that adulterers, homosexuals, and those who depart from Islam should be killed?”
  • “Why should we allow Muslims to build mosques in America when Christians can’t build churches in Saudi Arabia?”
  • “Why do Islamic states punish women who are raped instead of their rapists?”
  • “The hadith Sahih Muslim and the shari’a manual Reliance of the Traveler say that all Jews should be killed. Please comment.”
  • “Does Israel have the right to exist?”
  • “Inasmuch as Muhammad is supposedly the Perfect Man, are pedophilia and adultery acceptable?”
  • “What do you believe about the enslavement of infidels?”
  • “If your daughter were to marry an infidel, would you kill her for dishonoring Islam?”

     I could go on from there, but it’s hardly necessary.

     Any Muslim mouthpiece who dares to speak into a microphone will claim to the skies that “we’re not all like that,” that “Islam is a religion of peace,” and that “these extremists are dishonoring our faith.” They are not to be trusted. The Qur’an explicitly says that Muslims have no duties toward non-Muslims, and that non-Muslims have no rights a Muslim is required to respect.

     Never turn your back on a Muslim. And never believe a single word a spokesman from CAIR or any other Muslim-mouthpiece group utters. They are bent upon the destruction of the West and no amount of pretty obfuscatory verbiage will change that.


Col. B. Bunny said...

Most excellent, Fran. The first question is the one they cannot answer truthfully.

Reg T said...

The Ayatollah Khomeini wrote a two volume book called the Tahrir-ol-vasyleh, concerning rules of conduct for muslims. In it he related that it is acceptable for a man to slake his lust with a baby, as long as he only penetrated it anally. If he did so vaginally, it was not a crime, but only an infraction. If he damaged the baby permanently (tore her vagina more than could be repaired or tore her tiny hymen), he was responsible for her subsistence for the rest of her life. (A nasty, brutish, and short life, you can be sure.)

Also, I wish it were possible to make this news go viral, since it exemplifies everything that gives a moral man an excuse to erase muslims from the face of the earth:

GreenEyedJinn said...

Umdat al'Salik (The Reliance of the Traveler) -- Shari'a law in PDF...the Sha'fi school of fiqh and certified by Al-Azhar University of Cairo (seat of all Sunni Muslim scholarship).
Easily downloaded from many sources. Hardcopy available on Amazon for $20.
When anybody suggests that we should "teach about Islam in schools," I suggest we should teach ALL about it. Shari'a law is antithetical to the US Constitution and to Western Civilization. Read it for yourself. Ask any Muslim to tell you what part is 'wrong.'

Joe Katzman said...

Given the things you've written about what the West is, why is their campaign to destroy it a problem?

I'm thinking of the Michel Houellebecq novel "Submission" here, as seen from an alt-Right perspective. In what ways would the alt-Right see a future like that as a problem, vs. an opportunity? The novel portrays reactions gravitating to both sides of that fence.