Saturday, October 10, 2015

Suicidal 21st-c. logic.

Commenter Lot's take[1] on the logic of European "open boarders preeners":
The Holocaust was a bad thing, therefore Europe should welcome 100 million or more low-IQ, low-educated, culturally hostile aliens and immediately grant them the full and costly privileges of citizenship, and do so with a smile!
Thank God Europe is isn't afflicted with nationalism! Worse than a plague of frogs and scorpions. The last refuge of white monsters.

[1] Comment by Lot on "The Scorpion and the Frog." By Steve Sailer, The Unz Review, 10/8/15.

H/t: Commenter skiapolemistis at the same site for the "nationalism" link (my locution).


furball said...

The Holocaust wasn't Europe's problem, it was Germany's.

EUROPE's problem was that they did not (could not) stop it.

Europe became helpless - in a morale sense -not when Germany defeated them militarily, but when Europe became incapable of stopping Hitler ideologically in the 1940s.

"Europe" lost the cohesion of being the inheritor of the Holy Roman Empire's moral compass in World War I and II. But it had actually lost it's way back in the 1600s, because it wasn't a "unified, European will" that stopped the Muslim advance at Vienna.

As much as Belgium and politicians try to rally people to accept the idea of Europe . . . and as much as historians might want to point to white races, Judeo-Christian ethics, or some sort of burgeoning capitalism or freedom as the reason why Islam was stopped at the gates of Vienna, the facts are these:

In the Reconquista in Spain, it was bloody battle that stopped Islam. And that battle took DECADES and LOTS of lives.
Charles Martel was, by all accounts, just a guy.
Christendom lost Constantinople.
Vienna was probably saved by just as many low-down dirty pirates as served in the American Revolution.

My point is this: There is no diversity of human spirit that can stand up to the barbarism that is part of the human spirit. The barbarism itself ALWAYS has depredation, theft of goods, free stuff, sex and power on its side.

What stands up to that barbarism is . . . fear. Yes, fear of that power in the first place. And, in dealing with that fear in a communal way, we form a common goal of DEFENSE. And in forming that, with all the sacrifices and mutual pledges we make, we form a bond that we understand as being "together. . . against the other."


It really isn't color-based, race-based or even religion-based. Those were just the earliest ways we THOUGHT we could identify allies.

It's actually real simple. Either you can meet your foes half-way, or you can't.

We've heard about the Aztecs sacrificing lots of people, and the Spanish wanting to conquer the Americas for gold and other resources.

Many of the remnants of American Indian tribes are (apparently) drunk and demoralized because of the broken promises of the U.S government.

Meanwhile, several "tribes" helped in WWII and gained honor and fame from their actions. Movies and popular myths promote the Native American "way of life," even as they dismiss some of the more horrendous aspects of that life style.

My point is this: There is no "Europe," anymore. There is no "Holy Roman Empire" remnant. There is no culture that you could claim descends from the 10 commandments amongst gentile, white people.

Ever since Europe failed to stand against Nazism, it has gotten introspective, guilty, and lost it's will to stand against ANYTHING, including Islamist barbarism.

We shouldn't agree to speak English instead of Spanish because one is better than the other. We should huddle together and speak the most common language because we have enemies that will use ANYTHING to kill and defeat us.

We shouldn't argue the merits of Germany, France, Native Americans or Maori ways of life. What is here, is here. What is here, is what Islam proclaims it is against. Don't fight the Germans, French or Native Americans. Fight the freaking, bloodthirsty Jihadists who want to decapitate everyone who doesn't agree with them.

If nationalism - the idea that people share a common heritage, language, world-view and culture - can stop the spread of Islam, then I say, USE THAT.

If Nationalism causes other problems. . . well, look. THAT isn't what caused WWI or WWII. Serbia, Austria - all that stuff? That was an attempt to form defenses against invaders and keep power amongst the ones who had it locally.

NATIONALISM isn't a dirty word. It defines an attempt to form a shared language, culture, system of law and identity that allows a people to defend themselves and live in peace.

Tim Turner

Col. B. Bunny said...

Nationalism is a positive force as you show. It's people liking their place, climate, neighbors, language, literature, jokes, religion, and beer. It developed naturally and by fits and starts.

With the scientific revolution and the Enlightenment intellectuals became unguided missiles capable of performing amazing feats of reasoning as well as amazing feats of abstraction and taking simple ideas to the limits of rationality. With the prosperity of the industrial revolution, it was possible for more and more people to theorize recklessly without being grounded in the realities of life.

In the 19th century nations encountered the poison of socialism that came out of nowhere and was the spear point for all manner of attacks on bourgeois and aristocratic society, in short, the anchors and leaders of the nation. The working man was turned against his own people as well. Anything that was part of the natural order of things came under attack and in its place came revolution, libertinism, and foolish ideas about equality of all men and all cultures.

Millenials today live on the surplus created by their ancestors. The underclass lives by forced exactions from the productive. The parasitic upper class lives off of government and controls politics by allying with that underclass. This a suicidal situation but the vast majority do not recognize the dishonesty and predation that are part and parcel of the new reality. Greed and a lust for power rule and, as the saying goes, you can't reason people out of positions they did not arrive at by reason.

These are just casual Saturday musings which contain a small amount of hyperbole I grant you but I think it incontestable that modern Western nations live surreal lives that even Fellini or Bergman couldn't capture. Germany and Sweden sluice hostile, primitive foreigners into their heartlands like they are some kind of social ambrosia, all gilded with the most insane intellectual sophistry. (Fran is a very delicate person so I don't want to use the most appropriate term here.) We shouldn't expect any kind of a defense against barbarians when enlightened people can't and won't recognize barbarism and invite enemy troops to settle in their capitals.

Sodomy is now a sacrament, as Joe Sobran would or did put it. All the major governments of the West tax and spend heedless of the laws of arithmetic and compound interest. Debasement of the currency is seen as a virtue and economic fundamentals are violated with a vengeance. Let government do it. All 20th-c. experience ignored.

I think the West's failing was more than failing to oppose National Socialist Germany, an ultra-left, illiberal, totalitarian nation. National Socialist Germany was just a side show to the main event -- totalitarian leftism. The West not only just failed to recognize and oppose this regressive, primitivism, huge numbers of Western intellectuals positively embraced it. They were so pig ignorant that they could not understand the monstrosity that it was.

Col. B. Bunny said...


They still don't. It was then and is now chic to think of some top-down, dumbass idea (unlimited abortion, hamstringing business, mass immigration, alternative energy, AGW, gun control, surveillance, checkpoints, asset forfeiture, universal franchise, welfare state, child welfare zealotry, zero tolerance, hate speech, environmental zealotry, federal government involvement in education, government school monopoly, affirmative action, disparate impact, multiculturalism, living constitution, propositional nation) and cheer its implementation, notwithstanding the actual and future threat to liberty. If you are fine with some fisking bureaucrat interfering with your liberty -- or someone else's -- you're a stranger to the Western tradition. You have rejected it.

All the literature of the McCarthy era and since shows that the elites were toadies to communism. They loved it and hated those who understood it and opposed it. America in WWII was twisted into a pretzel by communist agents of influence, as Diana has so ably demonstrated in her recent book Betrayal.

So much for any common defense.

Reg T said...

Nationalism is a very important target of the elites (look at Merkel, if you can stand it) because it is one of the few things that will tie a disparate bunch of people - a "melting pot", if you will - into a group, a country, that cares about, supports, and will fight and die for that idea of nation.

It is worth repeating what others have said and confirmed: FDR was one of those elites, one of those communist agents of influence - and control, in his case - who led us into WWII. I believe our participation was actually necessary, thanks to both Hitler _and_ Stalin, but I also believe it was to support Stalin even more than Churchill and Europe that FDR wanted us in the fray.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I agree Reg. Diana West has that story on agents of influence in the U.S. government prior to and during WWII. It's startling and dispiriting. We have yet to have a reckoning on that issue. McCarthy was 100% right and it was a national tragedy that the leftist swine and timid, sellout Republicans destroyed him. One of our great heroes.

There seems to me to be little reason for us to involve ourselves in Europe and our provocative behavior toward the Japanese was clearly intended to trigger an attack that would justify involvement in Europe. FDR's refusal to allow the then commander of U.S. forces in Hawaii to move much of the Navy to the west coast speaks volumes.

Yes, nationalism is a strong glue but, again due to ultra left intellectual distortion, it was sold to Europeans as the reason WWII got started and to us as a manifestation of white oppression which must yield to the demands of any non-national who finds it convenient to cross our borders illegally.