Thursday, October 1, 2015

Madness even before the Muslims leave the shelters.

For Max Klingberg, who has worked with refugees for fifteen years in the International Society for the Rights of Man, the Afghans and Pakistanis especially spread terror in the shelters. They are more extremist than the Iraqis and the Syrians. "You must stop believing that all those who come here respect the rights of others. It's an illusion. Many refugees here are more religious than the Muslim Brotherhood. Christians and Yazidis are the first victims. For Muslims converted to Christianity, there is almost 100% chance they will be attacked."[1]
None of this will cause Merkel and her pals to take their foot off of the accelerator.


There is nothing that will make these evil people desist from their deliberate goal of trashing Germany. Is there a police effort to identify Muslim thugs at the earliest stages? No. The talk is that non-Muslims should be separated from the animals and the animals are not to be inconvenienced.

These people will be German "citizens" in the blink of an eye. And their work of subversion, intimidation, and terror is only beginning.

[1] French article translated at "Muslims persecute Christians in German shelters." By Tiberge, GalliaWatch, 10/1/15.


Joseph said...

They should move to places that recognize the right to keep and bear arms.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That might be a decision on the order of the one made by some Jews to decamp for Palestine before it got ugly in Germany. It involved many heavy sacrifices but those who made them survived. Europe is so divorced from commonsense these days it seems that the tipping point has been long since reached. Departure is lamentable for a lot of reasons but even sane people who have done something to try to reverse the decay cannot be criticized for departing.

I frequently observe to myself that one group we never hear from is the military. Two facts make this unmentioned group of particular interest:

1. the universal franchise and the accumulation of vast wealth by treasonous globalists has meant the destruction of the West.

2. Individual resistance guarantees harsh punishment but military coming out of the barracks would solve all problems with immigration.

The military might be as confused as the citizenry, as some senior U.S. military men certainly demonstrate, but odds are that there is a deeper reservoir of patriotism in the military and it's a patriotism unlikely to be much influenced by intellectually fashionable flapdoodle. Armies can serve leftist ideas but the American military, at least, are a good ways away from going THERE.