Friday, October 2, 2015

Really Quickies: The War On Masculinity Has Entered A New And Absurd Phase

     Hence this salvo from the New York Times. No, Gentle Reader, I won’t excerpt it here. You have to click the link and read it for yourself. That way I won’t be responsible for your death from laughter-induced asphyxiation.

     If there’s any abstract quality the Left hates more than traditional “leave me alone and keep your mitts off my wife” masculinity, I can’t think of it just now. We know what masculinity is and what it demands of us. We know what we’ve lost by permitting its attenuation. And we know how important the steady diminution of American men’s masculinity has been to the Left’s ambitions.

     Which makes it a very good thing that the Times’s readership has dwindled down to Manhattan liberals and those who yearn to be Manhattan liberals.

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Pascal Fervor said...

The first thing you missed out on was altering their title appropriatedly. "27 Ways to be a [Post]modern Man."

It may be contemporary, but it's not modern in the strict meaning of the word. Of course, if one is a Prog, all words are labels filled with double-think and usually mean they are the direct opposite of the word when it is used as a Prog label.

BTW, that reminds me. You are fond of pointing out that obvious means overlooked. Most everyone I know thinks of sophisticated tastes as a good thing to acquire. Original meaning: adulterated; made impure.

Of course all good postmodern dictionaries call this definition archaic. Obviousely. As in this sophisticated civilization in which we are immersed, we are expected to take for granted it is a good thing.