Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pearls of expression.

A few center console boats taking down US swift boats loaded to the teeth makes perfect sense. Let me explain...

Q: If you have 4 pencils and I have 7 apples, how many pancakes will fit on the roof?

A: Purple, because aliens don't wear hats

For more baffling bullshit, explain how our unborn grandchildren owe trillions to a secretive cabal in New York City?

Comment by Tarzan on "In Latest Embarrassment For Obama, Iran Releases Footage From Arrest Of 10 U.S. Sailors." Zero Hedge, 1/13/16.


  1. Why do our unborn grandchildren owe trillions?

    Because ice cream has no bones.

    C'mon, Colonel, give us a hard one!

  2. Therefore asphalt roofing shingles? Please don't insult my intelligence.


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