Thursday, January 28, 2016

Quickies: You Say You Want A Man On Horseback?

     So did these men:

     “Even the iron hand of a national dictator is preferable to a paralytic stroke.” – Alf Landon, governor of Kansas and 1936 candidate for President, in a letter to newly elected president Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933

     “If this nation ever needed a Mussolini, it needs one now.” – David Reed, United States Senator of Pennsylvania, on the floor of the Senate, 1933

     Both the above men were Republicans.

     Be careful what you wish for, little citizen. You might get it.


  1. The appeal of Trump to me is not that he's a strong man who will "get things done." It's that he's got enough backbone to name the elephant in the living room and intends to do something about it. I know of nothing he's said that indicates he favors any kind of an extra-constitutional approach. Rather, what's novel about him is that he has a conscious appreciation of what American interests are and intends to advance them in the areas of immigration and trade.

  2. I disagree, Colonel, but you knew that already.

  3. Whatever form of government is extant as this time, it is not the one created by the constitution in 1787. O is a strong man president. Probably all the presidents to come after will be also to differing extent. Congress is fully castrated. Judicial review is baloney as the judges pursue their politics with the thinnest veneer of "law interpretation." The press is propaganda. All that is missing is a secret police although those elements are lurking.

  4. The secret police are not lurking, brother. Because they aren't secret, they're out in the open for all to see... with no challenge to the power they have vested in themselves...

  5. A succinct statement of the last 100 years of American history, Andy. In seven sentences no less.


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