Thursday, June 16, 2016

Days Off

     Yes: plural.

     I have some important, ah...duties to attend to that will definitely keep me away from Liberty’s Torch today, very probably tomorrow, and most likely Saturday and Sunday as well. Here’s hoping my Esteemed Co-Conspirators will step up to the plate and hammer out a few good ones while I’m otherwise occupied.

     (What are those mysterious duties, I hear you ask? Ah, that would be telling. Suffice it to say that I expect to survive them, but not by much. Pray for endurance for me, for though the spirit is willing, the flesh is...what am I saying? The flesh is willing too; it’s just...old. Till later, Gentle Reader!)

1 comment:

Jack Imel said...

Viewing the above causes me to think you be fudging again, Francis. Since you're only "sort of" taking time off, might as well crank out a Sunday blessing for us who pray you're not in harm's way.