Saturday, June 4, 2016

I’m Convinced: Trump 2016

     If he pisses off the New York Times, he’s good enough for me:

     WASHINGTON — Donald J. Trump’s blustery attacks on the press, complaints about the judicial system and bold claims of presidential power collectively sketch out a constitutional worldview that shows contempt for the First Amendment, the separation of powers and the rule of law, legal experts across the political spectrum say.

     Even as much of the Republican political establishment lines up behind its presumptive nominee, many conservative and libertarian legal scholars warn that electing Mr. Trump is a recipe for a constitutional crisis.

     Is it? What did we get from Barack Hussein Obama, who has openly denigrated the Constitution and whom the Times endorsed twice?

     “Who knows what Donald Trump with a pen and phone would do?” asked Ilya Shapiro, a lawyer with the libertarian Cato Institute.

     Well, we do know what Obama did with his, and the results weren’t pretty. But perhaps that’s okay with the Times, since it’s a paper for Manhattan liberals.

     With five months to go before Election Day, Mr. Trump has already said he would “loosen” libel laws to make it easier to sue news organizations. He has threatened to sic federal regulators on his critics. He has encouraged rough treatment of demonstrators.

     If you visit the embedded link, you’ll find that the Times has misreported its own story. (Remember Barack Obama’s “Get in their faces” and “Punch back twice as hard?”)

     His proposal to bar Muslims from entry into the country tests the Constitution’s guarantees of religious freedom, due process and equal protection.

     There is no Constitutional case that persons seeking to enter the U.S. must be afforded any such guarantees – and in the case of Islam, we’re talking not about a religion, but a program explicitly aimed at the conquest of the world.

     And, in what was a tipping point for some, he attacked Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel of the Federal District Court in San Diego, who is overseeing two class actions against Trump University.

     The merits of those suits are unknown to me. Perhaps the judge deserves the criticism – and perhaps his rulings are based in part on his Mexican heritage.

     Add to this the open encouragement of riots by a Vox editor and the attacks on Trump supporters at his campaign appearances, all of which the mayor of San Jose has blamed on Trump. That’s enough for me.

     Trump 2016.


Anonymous said...


Interesting times we are living in. The only things I judge Trump on at the present time are the venomous hostility and evil of his enemies. Whom we share. He has done an excellent job of exposing them.

How effective he will be in combating them remains to be seen.

Eskyman said...

Welcome aboard the Trump Train, Francis!

You'll find that you have all the right enemies, and that Trump laughs in their faces (which is a considerable relief to me, far too many "conservatives" quail when confronted and called "racist" for thinking that open borders = suicide.)

Oh, and speaking of racists- that judge in the Trump U. case is an activist member of La Raza; so I have some doubt about his objectivity (sadly not uncommon here in Occupied California.)

Malatrope said...

That judge is a La Raza/Reconquista advocate. Is that enough for you to understand Trump's position there?

Joseph said...

Johnson 2016.

Vote against both parties. Make your vote count twice as much!

Mike said...

He's also successfully sued to get college scholarships for illegal immigrants. The whole thing, as so many of the attacks on Trump do, smells to high heaven of corruption and a put-up job. Erstwhile conservatives screaming about someone being "racist" because he advocates enforcing the immigration laws and re-establishing the southern border? Umm, no. Thanks,

By their friends shall ye know them, and they certainly ain't no friends of mine--or of yours. Welcome aboard, Francis.

FrozenPatriot said...

I still can't do it

His primary tactics of dealing with adversaries mirrors those of a petulant bully. If this story has any merit:

...I don't want a petulant bully anywhere near the nuclear football any more than Hitlery. Ironically, a vote for either could inadvertantly be a vote for SMOD.

robins111 said...

You can love or hate Trump, but you gotta give him credit for picking the scab off and exposing the festering pustules that make up the media and the left, but I repeat myself..

0007 said...

SO now we find out that the dhs is routinely transporting ILLEGAL ALIENS in dhs transport vans to northern Arizona and releasing them at the local Greyhound bus terminal. Oh yeah this is being done by paid contractors(G4) - paid for by taxpayers of course.
But some people here are worried about Trump bulling liars and medi-whores. Okay then vote for the hillery and get a lying, corrupt, thieving, traitorous, rape enabler; who by the way is also a bully of the first order.

Unknown said...

Immigration must be stopped, or America is doomed. With the mainstream Republican candidates, that would not have happened, no matter what they claim, their big business patrons demand cheap labor. With Clinton, it is a certainty that the invasion will continue, because the illegals will all vote Democratic. With Trump, it is possible that we might see secure borders. That alone is enough to make him the best candidate, for without borders there is nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Boy am I glad to read this. I always felt your writing was part of the origin of the Trump movement.

Bruce Fauth said...

He had me at "without a border, you aren't a country".

Anonymous said...

"in the case of Islam, we’re talking not about a religion, but a program explicitly aimed at the conquest of the world." This is something that MUST be repeated and often till you are sick of saying it. Learn key parts of the koran and the definition of two words: taqqiya and kitman. If those in position of responsibility will not do it we the grass roots must.