Saturday, June 4, 2016

Quickies: Fiction For Freedom Lovers

     I’m not noticing things as promptly as I once did. At least, that’s the only excuse I have for having not noticed this important development:

     Welcome to the Official Website of the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance (the CLFA for short). The CLFA is the destination for lovers of fiction and freedom. Visit for the latest news of fiction for consumers ranging from religious conservatives to atheist libertarians and everyone in between – in short, everyone who wants less government control and less SJW authoritarianism, and who loves a good story!

     I’ve read several of the novels on their list, and intend to read several others. It looks like a good source for readers who simply can’t abide any more “social justice” tropes in their fiction diet.

     (No, none of my books are listed there. Soon, I hope.)


Tommy said...

As one of the authors listed there, please let me remark that I enjoy your fiction tremendously.

And my regards to President Sumner .....

Francis W. Porretto said...

Thank you, Tommy. An Amazon review of one of the ones you liked would be greatly appreciated.