Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Trump and Judge Curiel.

If a judge were associated with the KKK or some white supremacy group, the media and the liberals would take to the fainting couches followed by screaming into bullhorns at protest riots. But we're supposed to cast a blind eye to obviously biased Hispanic judges and jurists who belong to race-based groups who do not hide their contempt for whites or America. . . .
Comment by tonymarini on "The race-driven San Diego La Raza Association is exactly what’s wrong with the legal system." By Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator, 6/7/16.


Anonymous said...

Spot on. My father was a member of LULAC in the 80's. When they started to go the La Raza route he left and had zero good to say about them. Guess my Dad was one of the first Tio Thomas' in the US being 100% Mexican heritage.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks. I believe the Great Dividing Line is between (2) those who are awake and have a decent appreciation of the feelings and rights of others (2) those who embrace ignorance, pleasure, and parasitism. I despise the black underclass but can appreciate men like Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, and Reginald (aka Demcad on YouTube) who are all first class human beings.

Confucius talked about the junzi, the gentleman or superior man, and the xiaoren. You are either awake and determined to be compassionate and just or you are not.

It sounds like your father was a man of character.