Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Fiction

     At long last, I’ve finished something!

     At age 28, Jana Tyrell is already the foremost actress in the world. But she wants the love of a good man, and they’re not so common in Hollywood. She finds it in a most unexpected place: Onteora County, NY, a land that produces geniuses and heroes as if they’d been sown there by God. Her target, engineer and Web writer Tim Beaufort, will be rocked by the changes Jana brings to his life.

     For those of you Gentle Readers who’ve wanted a little more from my kinda-sorta Shire in continental New York, you have it now. Only $2.99 at SmashWords or Amazon.


Jack Imel said...

I will probably spend some time today reading this, even though I am half-way through one of your other books, not to mention having started two other books by Alison Gordon... (don't suppose there is any way you can autograph my kindle copy?)

HoundOfDoom said...

You write 'em, I buy 'em. That's the deal