Wednesday, August 3, 2016

An Important Perspective

     The esteemed Ace of Spades provides it:

     I think the whole [Khizr Khan] thing is more bullshit handwringing by puritans and prudes on both sides of the aisle -- I don't, for example, believe in this bullshit that certain people have Privilege and Status and therefore Absolute Moral Authority.

     I don't believe minorities have that, and I don't believe even Gold Star families have that. Or veterans.

     Never have. Didn't believe it ten years ago when Saint Cindy began giving her Sermons on the Funeral Mound, don't believe it now.

     If you enter the public fray -- and if you insult a presidential candidate -- then you're fair game to be insulted back.

     The guy's son was killed twelve years ago. If Trump loses, and then, in 2020, they trot this guy out to insult the new conservative challenger to Hillary Clinton -- is he absolutely protected from insult then, too?

     Exactly how long does his Force Field Against All Public Criticism last, even while he himself is hurling Trumpian insults at people he thinks aren't giving Islam enough respect?

     Please read it all. Pay especial attention to this climactic revelation:

     Khan insulted Trump. The fact that his son died twelve years ago does not grant him, in my mind, some kind of personal Grievance Privilege.

     If you enter the arena, you're in the arena.

     And in the political arena, no holds are barred. Eye-gouging and crotch-kicking aren’t just permitted; they’re expected.

     Khizr Khan, whose law firm specializes in selling entry permits to Muslims who want to immigrate to the U.S., deleted the firm’s website yesterday. Don’t you just wonder why?

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