Friday, August 5, 2016

Racism Report Part 2

     Sometimes the matter cannot be made clearer. Todd Starnes has the story:

     The distinguished writer Eugene Volokh first exposed this absurd story in the pages of the Washington Post. Here’s the back story:

     In 2014, a black government worker filed a complaint alleging he had been discriminated against by a coworker who wore a ball cap that bore an insignia of the Gadsden Flag.

     The aggrieved government snowflake “found the cap to be racially offensive to African Americans because the flag was designed by Christopher Gadsden.”

     The EEOC report goes on to identify Gadsden as a “slave trader & owner of slaves.”

     The overly-sensitive employee “maintains that the Gadsden Flag is a ‘historical indicator of white resentment against blacks stemming largely from the Tea Party.”

     The EEOC conducted a “thorough review” and found there was no evidence that the flag was created in a non-racial context.

     “Moreover, it is clear that the flag and its slogan have been used to express various non-racial sentiments, such as when it is used in the modern Tea Party political movement, gun rights activism, patriotic displays, and by the military,” the EEOC report states.

     You can almost feel the “but” coming, can’t you, good readers?

     “However, whatever the historic origins and meanings of the symbol, it also has since been sometimes interpreted to convey racially-tinged messages in some contexts,” they declared.

     This is why we’ve started seeing signs such as this one:

     We’re approaching a condition in which whites will find it necessary to re-segregate themselves, probably via zoning laws, restrictive covenants, and proprietary communities that will enforce them. No one with an excess of melanin will be permitted to enter such neighborhoods. There’ll be no other way to get away from black victimists, grievance-mongers, and their endless demands. When that happens, who do you suppose the blacks will blame for it? Surely not themselves; that would take actual self-awareness.

     I think I’m going to get a T-shirt made up:

     I’m sure I’ll enjoy the disapproving looks – and grinning right back at them.

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