Thursday, August 4, 2016

More Truth Than The Left Can Abide

     Ace has been on fire lately:

     At some point, politeness seems to just be a polite euphemism for hectoring, harassing speech control.

     Speech policing is just another form of the leftists' favorite method of politicking -- rent seeking. And the rent they seek is your deference and your acceptance of their higher-caste status.

     And that's huge. It has huge impacts. Crap like that is why Sarah Palin can be called a Temptress Whore but if you make one joke about the "hero" Sandra Fluke, you get boycotted.

     Once you accept the (now nakedly stated) premise that some people simply have greater Social Privileges than others, that's the ball game -- you have now accepted that this is a caste-based society, and the castes have a heirarchy of priority of rights.

     And guess where you fall in that heirarchy?

     Spoiler alert: Not near the top.

     Protect this man. His is a voice for our time that we can ill afford to lose.

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