Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Shifting gears.

As it's clear that the Treason Class has no intention of enforcing America's borders and that the evisceration of the Constitution is no big deal to Republicans, it's useful to pay attention to what thoughtful people have to say by way of describing the reality of our political life, as opposed to the illusion that we're living in a functioning constitutional republic. I highlight some such views here, though they grow like weeds everywhere.

Having been as slow on the uptake as anyone, I can't claim too many independent penetrating insights early on. The Cold War years seemed straightforward enough with the main irritant being the left's (1) failure to recognize the hideous nature of communist regimes, (2) failure to recognize the superiority of economic freedom, (3) failure to recognize the innate decency of American law and traditional society, (4) pathetic belief in their ability to craft solutions to life's problems superior to those developed over the centuries, and (5) their dishonesty about their revolutionary objective.

The borders remained open and the Democrats made hay with the power that came from pandering to the black underclass and its parasitic, libertine, anti-white, criminal ways. A halfhearted gesture was made during Clinton to turn off the spigot of subsidies for producing black babies on an industrial scale and Newt seemed to be able to hold Clinton's feet to the fire on spending. Return to sanity seemed a real enough possibility.

With the mere election of GW it seemed like the pendulum swung slight back in the direction of Republican "sense" but with Bush's mad dash to the Islamic Center of Washington on the day after 9/11 to slobber over the resident Muslims, his "religion of peace" foolishness, and his hand holding and kissy face with Saudi royalty, whose hackles did not rise? What?!

Since then it's been perpetual war, Republican fiscal idiocy, Keynesian/monetary lunacy, and servile Republicans stretching to the horizon. It's a period that might in future histories be known as The Long American Demolition Derby, Mud Wrestling, and Foreigner-Worshiping Extravaganza. Immigration spiraled up into the clouds; Islam became as hard to understand as quantum mechanics; Muslims and ultra-leftists were inserted into federal agencies with abandon; rule by decree became the new normal; inexplicable, unconstitutional, and fatuous foreign military adventures multiplied; and Republicans cowered under their desks, immobilized by a Harry Reid raised eyebrow.

Anyone who still thought we might still be living in something remotely like a Jimmy Steward/Bob Hope kind of normality finally had to hang it up. It just wasn't Kansas any longer and a grotesque transformation of the United States was visibly in progress, aided and abetted by the sellout media and dumb ass academics.

This is Chuck Baldwin's take on what we face:

Over most of the last century, conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, and Christians and secularists have collectively jettisoned constitutional government in favor of a Welfare State, a Warfare State, a Nanny State, and a Police State.[1]
The acquiescence of the worthless Paul Ryan in the last spending bill granting everything that Obama wanted in his relentless drive to destroy even the remnants of the old America is Exhibit B for Republican complicity in the Obama revolutionary agenda. Exhibit A is the Republican failure to impeach Obama for his extra-constitutional end run around our immigration laws and his undeclared, unconstitutional war against Syria and Libya. Republicans love both.

Here's Clyde Wilson's take on Republican duplicity:

Another fact: With the exception of Reagan’s contribution to winning the Cold War, the entire history of the Republican Party in the 20th century has been grotesque betrayal—a lack of effective opposition to any leftist and Democratic initiative. The Republican Party has won office claiming opposition and immediately abetted and institutionalized whatever revolution has been imposed. Whenever the party leadership has been challenged, money, electoral expertise, and cunning deceit have been employed to defeat the usurper.[2]
On the issue of dynastic government, so help me God, Baldwin has this to say:
For twenty out of the last twenty-eight years, America has had either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. And to the chagrin of Democrats who thought they were getting “change” with Barack Obama, for the past eight years, he has simply treaded water for the Bush/Clinton regime. And with Hillary winning the Democrat nomination, they are back.[3]
Yet another Bush stepped in to offer himself this year as a presidential candidate, an example of unmitigated gall if ever there was one. I thought I had an ego but that guy takes the cake.

Is that what the Constitution was all about? Dynastic government? Rule by two families of nonentities, lightweights, and a horn dog, followed by an interim joke, to be followed, God forbid, by a lying, foul-mouthed, power-hungry Alinsky groupie who gives political corruption a bad name?

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[2] "The Missing Opposition." By Clyde Wilson, Chronicles, 10/1/14.
[3] Baldwin, supra.


Tim Turner said...

The more you pay attention, the worse it gets.

That sounds too good for me to have made up. But it was my exact response to your first paragraph. :)

Col. B. Bunny said...

Once a "small" untruth is discovered in a relationship, attention shifts in a bad way and the benefit of the doubt thereafter is provisionally accorded or not at all. The Treason Class has blown through a lot of trust and goodwill at this point. People in moribund Pennsylvania coal towns bring up the Muslim Brotherhood all on their own and they for darn sure know about Hillary's stated intention to destroy coal mining jobs. A local EMT tech brought up Hillary's skating on the indictment for her emails. The people are aware.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote poignantly (when you consider the ramifications) of immigrants dumping trash on his property and causing damage to his fence. It's Chinese water torture. One drop doesn't kill you but the constant drip drip will drive you crazy. With luck, this accumulation of awakenings will make a big difference this November.