Saturday, August 6, 2016

Istmatics DownUnder: A Report

     The Istmatics – i.e., those who attempt to enforce political correctness by calling those who dare to tread outside its bounds “racists,” “sexists,” “ableists,” “homophobes,” “Islamophobes,” and so forth – at times seem to be everywhere. It’s not just an affliction of the Land of the Formerly Free. Our Southern Hemisphere cousins are equally afflicted:

     It's a dangerous world in which to speak your mind.

     To quote from June's Economist: "From the mosques of Cairo to the classrooms of Yale, all sorts of people and groups are claiming a right not to be offended ... A right not to be offended implies a power to police other people's speech."

     I have often commented on our overly sensitive and easily affronted society especially, it seems, if the offending speaker is an older white male, yes, like me. But not exclusively. Ask Germaine Greer or Chrissie Hynde.

     In the past unreconstructed dinosaurs could often be relied to make prats of themselves over gender and race issues but now everyone is on notice. The boundaries are shifting daily it appears, and being educated, smart and hip doesn't make you less of a target.

     Read the whole thing. I know nothing about commerce or academe in Australia and New Zealand, but from the examples columnist Martin Van Beynen presents, we “unreconstructed dinosaurs” are in as much difficulty there as anywhere in the United States.

     The entire tempest is about the Left’s assertion of a privilege to police all speech and other forms of expression. They strive to eliminate “crimethink” by social ostracism, commercial boycott, and occupational consequences. However, Van Beynen’s assertion that this makes it a “dangerous world” for us “dinosaurs” actually misses the point:

The danger lies in conforming – in giving the Istmatics what they want.

     Every time anyone submits to the Istmatics’ “police power,” they become stronger. They can only be broken and put down by scoffing at them. That’s why whenever I’m accused of any of these various sins against political correctness, I own it – “Damned right I am!” – and cheerfully flip off the accuser. As Istmatics are cowards by nature and will never personally attack their targets, it’s the only approach that preserves some modicum of social peace.

     There are days I feel like strolling around wearing a sandwich board. On the front:

     And on the back:

     Yes, it would cause talk, but that’s the point!

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