Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Not Completely Leaving, Just Slowing Down

I've been ridiculously over-busy, for a retired person. I've enjoyed it - blogging, writing, interacting with other people.

But, I'm planning to spend more time on essential things that need my attention: finishing my book, outlining my next effort, getting my home into some sort of order, enjoying my grandchildren, putting out the online church bulletin, building up my part-time business (energy consultant), and - perhaps more importantly - getting my fitness/health up to an acceptable level.

So, I'll be more restrained about posting - 1-2 times a week, unless something comes up that prompts me to engage more often. I discuss my reasons for this decision here.


syd B. said...

I truly hope that your personal decision to redirect energy in other directions, works out for you in every way. Be clear, however, that your "gentle readers", as you often call us, will greatly miss your daily wisdom. You have been my first online stop every morning for a very long time and I will certainly miss the boldness and honesty in your offerings.

Best of luck, sir.

Francis W. Porretto said...

(chuckle) No, Syd, it's Linda Fox who wrote that post. Linda has a lot on her plate just now, as she wrote. I have no doubt that in a little while she'll be quite as productive as ever...if you consider the harangues she, I, and my other Co-Contributors emit to be "products." Whatever complexities the future might present for my attention, I plan to hang around -- harangue around? -- for as much longer as I can lever myself out of bed to perch at the keyboard.