Sunday, December 3, 2017

Pearls of expression.

The males of your nations now exist under the constant threat that something they did, or didn't do, thirty or forty years ago will suddenly be 'remembered' by one of your Precious Princesses, and used to effect his destruction. Hordes more then also 'remember' and come forward to deliver 'justice' to the latest Horrible Male.

Over at pseudo-conservative Breitbart, they've been busy trumpeting their 'outrage' at all Those Other Males caught in the latest FeMarxist vise; the authors and commenters are busy high-fiving one another, not to mention the gaggle of thirtysomething females that dominate the, uh, alternative channel, FOX. Appropriately named, at least.

Comment by Ray on "Equality Is a Flesh-Eating Bug Destroying the Tories From the Inside." By Toby Guise, Taki's Magazine, 11/6/17.

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