Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The hypocritical, vindictive left.

“Comedy is dead, except for calling Donald Trump a Nazi,” said Rodney Lee Conover, a right-leaning comedian who got his start writing jokes for Rush Limbaugh.

* * * *

But the jokes go beyond Mr. Trump to include those who might have voted for him.

Samantha Bee was forced to issue an apology in March after mocking a Conservative Political Action Conference attendee for having “Nazi hair.” The target of her haircut joke had undergone radiation treatment for stage 4 brain cancer.[1] “There are no jokes anymore,” Mr. Conover said. “It’s just complete anger and rage.”

* * * *

“I was not prepared for the backlash [to a parody video mocking the left’s reaction to Hillary Clinton’s defeat],” Mr. [Steve] McGrew said. “I’ve felt it before as a conservative comic, but it was not nearly as bad until Trump got elected. I’ve been called a racist, Nazi, hate monger — and people are trying to interfere with my livelihood.”…[2]

The left cannot stand having its sanctimony and hypocrisy challenged. “Free speech” means nothing to the left. Angela Merkel’s crocodile tears over defending “European values” mean precisely the opposite – draconian punishment for dissent. The days of the Dutch providing safe haven to independent thinkers and Karl Marx having a season library card at the British Museum are long gone. Children will be taken from their parents in Germany for parental crimethink. In the U.S., the left bays at the heels of conservative thinkers and does their best to ruin them financially.

This is known as being part of the loyal opposition.

[1] Oops. BB.
[2] "Conservatives get canceled, liberals quit laughing: How Trump’s election killed comedy." By Jeff Mordock - The Washington Times, 12/24/17.

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