Monday, December 4, 2017

That's Not an Investigation, That's an Attempted Coup

Trying to 'un-do' the election by magnifying and distorting actions by Trump's team into a 'crime' is NOT what was intended in the Constitution.

That's what we call a coup.

Funnily enough, Mueller's investigation team is entirely unconcerned about PROOF of lying by the FBI, State Dept., Justice Dept. and other bureaucracies - as long as it didn't involve Trump. Read the linked article all the way to the end, where is shows how the FBI conspired to cover up the Clinton-Lynch meeting.

If you think Trump is wrong, work to get people elected that oppose his agenda. Don't turn a blind eye to abuses of power (Obama), lies and money-laundering (Clintons), or using a government agency for partisan purposes (IRS, Lerner).

Here's a hint: if you would object to some actions by your enemy, don't ignore that same action by an ally.

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