Friday, January 1, 2016

Bunny's epic fail.

Yesterday was the last day of the 60-day period within which I predicted that Angela Merkel would be forced out as chancellor of Germany. The massive influx of invaders seemed sure to bring her down and indeed there were calls soon after my prediction that she step down. The Bavarians were particularly testy about the massive influx and they are an important part of her support.

Surely pictures of gibbering Africans and of endless lines of foreigners streaming through the European countryside would be the catalyst for German anger, as it had been for Hungarians and other E. Europeans.

Merkel recovered enough of her political wits, which have historically caused her to move to co-opt opposition and sell herself as the best and safest compromise. In this case, she had the wit to order the reinstatement of border controls and that has appeared to have quieted down a lot of anger.

How well that has worked I don't know. Brad Macdonald's piece below indicates that she lied about the total that would be let in and, in any event, the original number of "only" 800,000 vice 1.5 million will work its magic on German minds as the effects of such an alien presence are felt in actual neighborhoods and in various budgets and (top secret) crime statistics. No longer foreigners walking through distant fields but now "Abdul my neighbor." Can love and harmony be far behind?

The German authorities are lying about and covering up the crimes and primitive behavior of the newcomers. Here's a telling story about that from Macdonald's article:

Across Germany, frustration, uncertainty and anger are welling up. A growing number of Germans are feeling betrayed and want change. They want a leader who will listen to their anxieties, defend their interests, and protect Germany.

In Stockach, I had coffee with a 20-year-old man who works as a security guard at a refugee camp containing more than 1,000 migrants. The camp, he explained, is a mix between a pigsty and a war zone. This man had witnessed migrants refuse to use the portable toilets and, instead, take care of business in the corner of the room or behind furniture. The camp was filthy. There was also rampant sexual abuse, rape, fights and knifings, and regular clashes between religious and ethnic foes (Shia vs. Sunni, for example). Are local politicians expressing concern about this in public? I asked. Is the local media reporting on what’s happening inside these camps?

They are totally silent, he said.[1]

So Merkel confounded my prediction with ease by a little kabuki kapering at the borders. However, I don't think it will be long before a certain "social percolation" takes place and maybe in the early spring Merkel will come under increased pressure again as the extent of the disaster and the government's lying becomes clearer. Germans are not stupid and certainly not as supine as their government is counting on. Es kommt die Zukunft.

In the meantime, I will hew to the sage advice once given to economists: Give them a date or give them a number, but never give them a date and a number.

But Merkel will go. No politician can front such a gigantic, insane social catastrophe and again maneuver herself to some temporary safe space. The numbers are huge and the immigration catastrophe is finally developing some very sharp edges.

[1] "Germany, Migrants and Angela Merkel’s Big Lie." By Brad Macdonald, The Trumpet, 12/29/15.


Reg T said...

I understand that it may be an "apples to oranges" comparison, in some ways, but if we can allow the psychotic, criminal, and treasonous (selling "indulgences" to Russians and wealthy muslims while Sec State) Clinton to run for the highest office in the land (the world?), are entering the last (it is hoped) year of a president who hates America, lied when taking the oath of office, was not even eligible to run in the first place, and has committed treason (aiding Iran to finish developing nuclear weapons when it has sworn to destroy America), can you truly believe the German people - having been bred into their bones to be slaves to authority - will cast out this East German dominatrix? If so, then I may start addressing you as Col. Pollyanna (that's a tease, not a statement of disrespect).

The American people have a better track record for protesting government corruption and malfeasance (well, we _used_ to, anyway), far more so than a nation which has a tradition of following psychotic leaders. I think the German people may grump and grumble, and possibly a few will raise their voices, but - cynic that I am - I just can't see them pitching her out of office. I can _maybe_ see them refusing to re-elect her, but that would be the extent of it, IMHO. Although I would be ecstatic to be proven wrong.

avraham said...

I think you have a point about Germany. But it is hard to understand the motivations involved. I assume that it is a kind of good Samaritan kind of thinking. That is people get into certain modes of thought and then just continue in that mode even when it becomes irrational. This is what I think is what is going on. Germans have tried hard since WWII to be welcoming of all groups--maybe for repentance of something like that. But now this mentality as praseworthy as it is seems to have overstepped the bounds of prudence.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Well, that's a good point about the German temperament. Perhaps I should say appears to be because I can't say I've seen that up close. I remember some earnest looking fellows in the streets once when I went to Germany as part of the Reforger exercises. They didn't bother me when I was in uniform but I think they were leftists and they looked pretty "uncooperative" or "disobedient" to me. I never did know what was going on that afternoon.

I know the National Socialists put forest rangers and tram conductors in uniform but I don't think Germans are alone in liking uniform. If it's indicative of a servile temperament it looks to me to be a universal temperament that it exposes.

Too, I think the German troops in WWII didn't run on obedience per se. Theirs was a very democratic military and I recall a memoir of one fellow's infantry training in Poland at the time, I believe, that struck me as superior to my own experiences as an enlisted infantryman. Intelligent, hard, repetitive training but the troops loved it.

The Col. Pollyanna moniker is funny and no offense is taken. It could well apply in spades. I just am not willing to say that Germans will abase themselves forever. The German military leadership earned the respect of the troops and they had their backs to the wall. I just don't see Merkel and her lot earning the respect of any but the most deluded and naive.

The man in Stockach tells a very disgusting story and it's being duplicated in the front yards and gardens of ordinary Germans in the border areas and along the invasion routes. The wartime German leadership can not be accused of inviting the Russians in. The illusion of political legitimacy or acquiescence is being maintained by a complicit, treasonous press. Current gold prices apparently used to ripple with lightning speed into the Amazon jungle to miners without radios or phones according to a documentary I once saw. I believe the jungle telegraph works just fine in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

I'll quibble also with your idea that Germans have a tradition of allowing psychotic leaders. I'm not aware of who might have been psychotic before Hitler. The Kaiser was a tough aristocrat but I don't think there was much of a difference between him and the Russian, French, or British leaders. All showed a degree of stupidity, shortsightedness, ambition, disdain for commoners, and a horrible ignorance of the potential of modern weapons. In fact, it's Wilson and FDR who strike me as rather mentally unbalanced, the latter more evil then demented perhaps.

Nor do I think it was clear that Hitler was psychotic at the time of his taking power. I had serious antipathy to Obama from what I knew of him prior to the election of 2008 and I had zero interest in reading "his" two books. I do not believe Germans then were any more interested in Reading _Mein Kampf_ then than I was in reading DFMF (ugh).

Too, if Germans knew about the Brown Shirts they also knew about the commie street thugs whom they fought. Germans were also well aware of the communist putsches or putsch attempts in Hungary, Austria and their own country not to mention Stalinist Russia whose excesses were well known. That was not a time for limp-wristed fags and Alinskyite social justice warriors to rise to power, though it _was_ a time for tough, street-fighting fags who were important to the rise of Hitler.


Col. B. Bunny said...


There's also your point of "allowing" a leader like Hitler to rise. I reject the notion that the full dimension of Hitler's Reich were visible from the very beginning. I've read that only some 7,000 prisoners were in any kind of camps in Germany up to the time of the start of the war and that many who had been sent to those camps had been released after some kind of "re-education." The extermination campaigns had not begun. (All things I look forward to exploring in further reading about Germany and the war.) It is unfair to Germans to require them to have had knowledge then what the world has acquired since.

In short, Germany was in dire straits during the Weimar Republic and afterwards. An objection to Hitler and a bad opinion of Germans should also provide a list of what options were available as an alternative. If I'm to be condemned for choosing Option A then fairness requires that my Options B and C also be presented. The Salvation Army wasn't one of them back then.

In this odd simulacrum of a representative government that we have now, I bristle at what Obama is doing in Syria. It's an undeclared, unconstitutional war for gosh sake and, no matter what I or a host of people try to point out about the folly and illegality of this, it proceeds. I'm in a better spot than a German in 1930 and the question then is "Am I allowing this to happen?"

Col. B. Bunny said...

Avraham, that's an interesting point. I've never been taken with the German war guilt theory. The WWII generation is very old now and I don't think later generations have any personal guilt. It's too remote. However, it makes sense that the attitudes of the WWII got passed on or that they created a web of ideas that was absorbed by their children.

What doesn't fit with this is the example of Sweden that had little to do with anything in WWII yet Swedes are even more virulent than Germans now in their thinking.

Perhaps a more realistic theory of why Westerners have no instinct for self defense is just the saturation of the West by leftist thinking. Marxists hate bourgeois, capitalist societies, including their own. Therefore what you see is suicidal thinking orchestrated by Marxists embedded in every Western country -- the embedded Treason Class. The energetic importation of hostile foreigners and attacks on patriots and free speech are too focused to be mere artifacts of a distant conflict.