Friday, January 1, 2016

Quickies: Starting Anew

     Well, Gentle Reader, we’ve finally cleared away the last of 2015’s BS. Let’s see what BS we might do away with in 2016:

  • Islamic BS: These bastards are trying to remake America along shari’a lines. Either we stop them now, or we might as well all recite the shahada, because they won’t stop – ever.
  • Negro BS: Seven out of every ten black children are illegitimate. They grow up to kill one another at a terrifying rate or to produce still more illegitimate children, while their spokespeople blame it on “Whitey” or “The Man.” Either we put a stop to it or relax to seeing our gutters run red and having our sensibilities abraded by their noxious demands forever more.
  • Anti-Christian BS: We haven’t yet had a loud enough wake-up call to do what the Jews sensibly did after World War II and form an explicitly Christian nation. But the time is drawing near – and my preference would be for this nation to be the one so blessed.
  • Journalistic BS: Why haven’t we yet bankrupted the “news” outlets that persist in reporting only those bits of news they feel would be “good for us?” They survive on commercial sponsorship, just as do the entertainment media. Verbum sat sapienti.
  • Last but most certainly not least, Political BS: Members of the political elite in these United States routinely get away with every sort of crime and offense against the common mores, including murder. Shame those you know who refuse to condemn evil done by their political leaders – and don’t let them play the tu quoque game.

     Hercules’s task was more daunting than ours...but he was one man, though supposedly the progeny of a god. There are many millions of us. Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear the faint cry of a mimosa calling out my name.


  1. I agree that Hercules' task was the more daunting, especially once the EPA lawsuits began. Polluting a public waterway, diverting a public waterway without a permit, failing to properly inspect before discharging liquid waste from a livestock facility...

    What's that you say? There was no EPA in Ancient Greece? Hmmmm...

    I've changed my mind. I think our task is harder.

  2. What I suggest is rather to back any Republican candidate even ones that you might not like. The reason is because the values are closer to the values you are looking for. And at that point it might be possible to strengthen the family and religious values. A quike revolution is not the way up. The way back up will be a slow and difficult process.

  3. I would add the Climate Change BS. Obama claims it is the most significant danger we face. Since he and Algore and Pope Francis Himself all proclaim it to be real and a major priority for the world to address, it's up there with the islamic BS, which is also world-wide. If we don't fight the elites in control of the secular nations and religious leaders who insist that "climate change" is a real danger to all of us, we will end up in even greater trouble than we currently find ourselves.


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