Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Little Respect, Please!

     I just realized something: As I’m:

     ...therefore I’m deplorable! Now I can vote for Donald Trump in good conscience!

     I must tell my wife. This makes twice she’s been right in twenty-five years. She’ll be thrilled!


neal said...

Despicable. My badge of pride. Silly rabbit, daffy fowl. Go figure. If I was a hacker, I would supply a loony soundtrack, for the elect.

Anonymous said...

Very proud to be an extremely American (see Cars 2) bitter clinging deplorable. Soon my honorifics will become so numerous I'll sound like I'm a member of the Middle Ages Spanish nobility!

Cederq said...

It seems I am in a good club, can I be the Sergent -of- Macaroni Elbows?