Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Quick Contrarian Thought

     I’ve got to get back to work pretty quickly, but the following, which occurred to me just moments ago, struck me as deserving of some consideration. For many years, left-liberal spokesmen heaped scorn upon conservative and libertarian opinions and those who voiced them. The famous example of the “Point / Counterpoint” exchanges between Jack Kilpatrick and Shana Alexander remains vivid in memory. The body of pro-freedom, pro-American sentiment grew steadily even so. Indeed, it seemed that the more derision was dripped upon us, the more interested in our sentiments other Americans became.

     Today, the Left’s preferred tactic isn’t to ridicule us, but to vilify and (if possible) silence us. Yet popular interest in the ideas of freedom, American national sovereignty, and Constitutionally limited government is swelling faster than ever. Is it possible that the Left, a notably unthinking, unreflective community, has unknowingly – certainly unintentionally – become the freedom philosophy’s greatest asset?

     If that’s the case – and I advance the notion strictly for the consideration of my Gentle Readers – should we be fighting the Left, or helping it to publicize its actions against us?

     Just a morsel of food for thought.


doubletrouble said...

Small "l" leftists *may* be reasoned with, but "L" lefties are beyond hope.
You thought brings to mind something about hoisting & petards.
In many cases, there is no other strategy.

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes you appreciate something as when you are in danger of losing it. Not to mention that from a media perspective there is a silent majority. However, we Constitutionalists tend to speak to those around us and teach the value of the founding documents and ideas of this country. And there a lot more of us 'bitter clingers' than talking heads.

Col. B. Bunny said...

It's a principle of demolition that you can use the structure of the target itself to destroy it. You don't have to place charges on every strut of a bridge, only one or two that will cause the weight of the bridge twist and pull it all down. There seems to be an unlimited capacity on the part of American voters to swallow utter nonsense (tampons in men's lavatories, gender fluidity, homosexual marriage and adoption, open borders) but at a certain point I believe the accumulated weight of decades of insanity and stinking garbage will take its toll. "Conservatives" are proving to be feeble and hysterical when it comes to hastening this process, being satisfied with the occasional crumb that falls off the table of the Treason Class.