Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Nationalism redux.

The communists made the mistake of believing they could make everyone equal by declaring them to be so. Liberals thought society was more tolerant because they banned vile words from the public sphere. Only now are liberals learning that this is not how human beings work. The revival of nationalism might indicate that people do still define themselves by ethnicity.[1]
The correct inference from the last line is that liberals believe humans define themselves by the presence of a pulse and regular respiration. How surprised they must be by the evidence that it's more complicated than that. That the Founding Fathers and Ratifiers didn't defined the nation as broadly as Vox Day humorously suggests that morons do:
Even the dumbest, most maleducated and historically ignorant American, who blithely accepts the idea that George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin Franklin believed their posterity to consist of Bantu tribesmen, cannibals from Papua New Guinea, and Chinamen in founding "a nation of immigrants", will tend to raise his eyebrows in befuddlement at new and outlandish claims about "Britain is a nation of immigrants", "the Judeo-Christian identity of the Swedish nation" and "all nations are nations of immigrants".[2]

That's a brilliant sentence though I have to disagree with his idea that ignorant Americans will be befuddled by the outlandish claims he lists. NO leftists absurdity can cloud the addled faculties of such people on the subject of third-world immigration. Foreigners of any make, model, or state of cultural degradation have an absolute right to travel to, and claim welfare benefits in, the U.S. and every other Western nation on earth as it is in Heaven.

[1] "Peecee Finishing?" By Chris Brand, IQ & PC, 9/5/16.
[2] "Action (((Reaction)))." By Vox Day, 9/4/16. H/t: Yer Ol' Woodpile Report .

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