Monday, September 26, 2016

"Black Lives Matter" in one graph.

H/t: Maggie's Farm.


  1. Facts are racist, doncha know? A bit off topic, but if this is what this country's universities are putting out on the street, is there any way this country can survive?

  2. You got the title wrong, I think. Isn't is supposed to be Black Lives Matter (and White Lives Don't)?

  3. brinster, a fellow wrote in National Review a long time ago that he found himself piloting a bomber over the sea off of Korea during the war. He wondered why an educated man like himself was out doing such a thing and then answered himself that it's precisely educated people like himself who should be doing such things. Too, many Harvard men joined up during WWII. It's hard to imagine the metrosexual dweebs in our ("elite") universities, with their concern for "safe spaces" and microagressions, doing likewise. The schlubs at places like the Texas A&M and the U. of Nebraska will shoulder the burden, however, along with the shitkickers in the bayous, corn fields, forests, and suburbs.

    The "elites" will head for the canyons of Wall Street and K Street and to the bureaucracy and the media to enrich themselves or sell out the country.

  4. My bad, Mr. Kratman.

    Wait. The best title would have been "Black Lives Don't Matter" in one graph.

  5. Couldn't agree more Colonel.

  6. What happens to that number when you subtract those justifiable shootings. For doing things like say.. brandishing a weapon and refusing to put it down.

  7. Anon, I think the number would be about 5.

    My favorite example of phenomenon you describe is this one. The video there and here aren't working for me right now. Something to do with plugin, as always with Firefox, it seems. I hope you do not have the same problem. It's well worth your perseverance.


    Should have included this in my original post. Sorry.

  9. Brinster, that is dementia. Didn't the ancient Greeks recognize a form of this?

    "LYSSA was the goddess or personified spirit (daimona) of mad rage, fury, crazed frenzy and, in animals, rabies." This I ran across trying to nail down that thought but I didn't find much else. Dionysius was the god of the irrational but was male and Bacchus worked through alcohol not female derangement. Just a vague thought.

    I don't think ancient Greek (or Roman) women would have dared exhibit such disrespect. However that does seem today to go hand in glove with the contrived and hair-trigger anger of today's harpies, snowflakes, and SJWs. The knowledge that one is unattractive, weak, or academically challenged must fuel much of this anger and the search for salving concepts like privilege, racism, sexism, patriarchy, lookism, microaggressions, capitalism, inequality, etc. A la Churchill, you can sober up but you always wake up ugly or whatever else you are.

    An absence of social shaming for aberrant behavior is a lit fuse for any hysteria.


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