Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wrestling with the automotive gremlins.

I've been hunting gremlins in the electrical system of the Magnificent Honda. A loose hot wire to the backup light switch was grounding on the transmission housing which I discovered after meticulously examining and cleaning the instrument cluster whose gauges had ceased to function. A clever diversionary tactic on the part of Satan.

An errant air control valve has been replaced and victory is mine over a side marker light problem. Whether I have fixed a speed sensor problem remains to be seen and the mysteries of cruise control await further investigation.

We celebrate the 27th year of keeping this car running with an engine rebuilt at around 425,000 miles. It killed me to buy Japanese at the time but the quality was there and I've saved millions by having no car payments for decades. O'Reilly's Auto loves me but then I love them. They've been more than generous in providing new batteries when it's been operator error that caused all difficulties. They're heartless, greedy capitalist pricks grinding their employees into the ground at every turn, it's true, but they've provide great service to their customers.

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