Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Spot Of Humor

     The weekday Mass at my parish isn’t nearly as well attended as the Sunday Mass, for obvious reasons. Moreover, most of the attendees are retired senior citizens, again for obvious reasons. Therefore, whereas a Sunday attendee might bring a small and vociferous child along, a weekday attendee is highly unlikely to do so.

     Well, this morning we had a demonstration that “highly unlikely” isn’t synonymous with “won’t happen.” The child in question was with his grandfather. At irregularly spaced intervals, he would say “Ahh!” in that preternaturally piercing frequency range accessible only by the very young. This particular young’un was blessed with exceptional pulmonary power, too. His emissions were probably audible several blocks away.

     As we left, his grandfather was apologizing for the lad’s contributions to the liturgy. In the grip of an irresistible impulse, I replied, “No big deal. I just figured he was saying ‘Amen’ but kept forgetting how the last part goes.’”

     Does anyone know if making a priest convulse with laughter is legally actionable?

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  1. Making a Priest laugh may be a work of faith.


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