Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Best headline of 2017.

Earth Goes Dark as Thousands of Russian Warplanes Block out the Sun
NATO says unprecedented number of Russian warplanes are terrorizing international airspace.[1]

Close second:

FACT: Eastern Europeans so 'Worried' About Russia That They Spend Next to Nothing on Defense.
Their mouths say one thing, their budgets another.[2]
Money quote:
The likes of Latvia will tell you that Putin is a Soviet revisionist imperialist just dying to gobble up the Baltics, so they're spending 1.41 percent of their GDP on defense.

Not 30 percent, not 20 percent, not 10 percent. Not even 5%.[3]

Let me guess. Uncle Stupid will take care of everything.

[1] By Rudy Panko, Russia Insider, 4/22/17.
[2] By RI Staff, Russia Insider, 4/17/17.
[3] Id.

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