Friday, April 14, 2017

Beyond the pale.

That mission turns into a hunt, a search for these two guys [New York National Guardsmen]. Long story short, our unit – my guys, Dog Company – finds one of the guys in a field some distance away [in the Tangi Valley of Afghanistan]. His arms had been hacked off. He’s naked. His uniform has been ripped off. His heart has been cut out, or at least that’s what we suspect because there is a hole in his chest right where his heart should be. At this point in time, we had a lot of assets in the air, and we were getting reports that his fingers were being sold in the local bazaars as war trophies.[1]
The speaker is Army Captain Roger Hill.

Think of this story next time you hear senior American military officers talk about rules of engagement. About how punctilious we must be in fighting these primitives.

We must limit the application of our laws to people of our own civilization. The Muslims cheerfully treat infidels in their midst as second-class citizens. Why do we pretend that they are our civilizational equals?

If we're going to be there or anywhere we have to fight till the surviving enemy begs for mercy. Mostly, we don't belong anywhere in any Muslim nation and no Muslim belongs in ours.

Western elites are cowards and dance around the pathology of Muslims which is Islam itself. Not radical jihadi, Islamist, terroristic, salafist savagery but Islam. Muslims have to be told they can expect nothing from us until they are housebroken. Secular states from which all remnant of Islam have been removed are welcome in the community of nations and can have their oil fields back. If it takes 500 years for that to be achieved anywhere, so be it.

[1] "‘Dog Company’: Bronze Star Decorated Army Captain Explains How Politically Correct Lawyers Are Betraying Our Troops." By John Hayward, Breitbart, 4/12/17.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that Colonel.

Col. B. Bunny said...

:-) Thanks.

KG said...

Spot on. I can't imagine it being put more succintly.

Reg T said...

It has never been a matter of "descending to their level", of compromising your own moral strictures. It is a matter of dealing with islam as islam wishes to deal with us - something they expected, until they found we weren't smart enough to see we would be fighting with both hands tied, and having blinded ourselves.

Quarantine would be easier for most to stomach, thinking we would be doing muslims a favor, but 1) it would be difficult to maintain, to keep from having some escape to create havoc elsewhere, and 2) true, orthodox muslims have no desire stronger than to force infidels to become muslim or die. To make that impossible would be like tying the tubes of a woman who believes she can only fulfill herself by becoming a mother, but could never accept the idea of adoption.

I understand those who would rather die than suffer life without parole in prison. Were we to seek one choice or the other in order to end the 1400 year old threat of islam, I can't help but feel that a true muslim would prefer death. I can't help but believe that it would be the better choice if we are to save Western civilization and avoid the rape and abuse of our daughters and granddaughters, now in Sweden, Norway, England and Germany, as well as here in Twin Falls, Idaho and elsewhere - wherever muslims congregate.