Friday, April 21, 2017

Day Off, With A Difference

     I’m rather weary this morning – yesterday was a pretty big day in several senses – so rather than attempt a fresh essay, I’ll recount the meat of a brief exchange I had with the C.S.O. when we sat down to lunch after viewing The Case For Christ.

     Beth is not a Christian. Indeed, she’s not religious at all. Ironically, her work involves the finances and administrative arrangements of several orders of Catholic nuns, who often call her “Sister Beth” and ask her when she plans to take her final vows. However, she does know a fair amount about Christianity and the Catholic Church, and is generally respectful of both. But yesterday, as she awaited her shrimp and fried clam strips and I my crab linguine Alfredo, she asked me about the history of the Eucharist, and the “why” of it.

     That got me talking about the food chain and its historical significance in religious belief. It took some explaining – no, she doesn’t read what I write; approximately 2317.84% of spouses don’t read their beloveds’ written emissions – but there came a point where I sensed “a light going on.”

     As I’m a loquacious sort, it took all my willpower plus 5% (helpfully supplied by the waitress who brought our lunches) to stop right there.

     All I could think at that point was “Now we shall see.” (Cf. The Man Who Would Be King.)

     I’ll see you tomorrow, Gentle Readers. Have a nice day.

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Derald (Oldfart) Yancey said...

Good luck!