Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Beginning Of The End? (UPDATED)

     I swiped the following from Western Rifle Shooters:

     This is hilarious. Violent thugs determined to silence the opposition by force are terrified of being found out! My God, the horror!

     You know the educational system has become a farce when its inmates start whining that it’s unfair that they should be held responsible for felony crimes of violence. Of course there have been other indications that a “college education” has become a vacation from reality, but this is a capper of sorts. However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

     Once more I must quote Tom Kratman at one of his pithier moments:

     [I]t has been said more than once that you should choose enemies wisely, because you are going to become just, or at least, much like them. The corollary to this is that your enemies are also going to become very like you....

     If I could speak now to our enemies, I would say: Do you kill innocent civilians for shock value? So will we learn to do, in time. Do you torture and murder prisoners? So will we. Are you composed of religious fanatics? Well, since humanistic secularism seems ill-suited to deal with you, don't be surprised if we turn to our churches and temples for the strength to defeat and destroy you. Do you randomly kill our loved ones to send us a message? Don't be surprised, then, when we begin to target your families, specifically, to send the message that our loved ones are not stationery.

     Conservatives, libertarians, American nationalists, Trump supporters, and others the Left reviles are adopting the Left’s own tactics. And why not? They work. The Left has used them to silence and intimidate its opponents for more than a century. Are they crude? Yes. Are they vicious? Yes. Are they beneath the dignity of a civilized member of a civilized society? Yes, yes, yes.

     But they work. And people will reliably emulate success.

     The Antifa supporter’s whine is a version of an old joke: A little boy comes home bloodied and bruised. His mother alarmed by his condition, asks “What happened?” He replies, “The whole thing started when he hit me back.”

     May we now expect the Antifa / Black Bloc types to appeal to the police for protection from us? I wouldn’t be terribly surprised. Neither would I be surprised were they to start carrying weapons: guns, knives, saps, brass knuckles. But the fly in their ointment is that the Right now recognizes that the gloves are off – that we can rely neither on civility from them nor on a proper response from law enforcement, at least when they initiate violent hostilities on a college campus.

     The implications are grave. At the next occurrence there will be serious injuries, possibly deaths. Despite the spinelessness of the “forces of order,” there might even be arrests and prosecutions.

     And the Left will learn how greatly it’s outnumbered by the real forces of order: Americans determined to protect the freedom of expression who will do whatever that commitment might require.

     The above are not happy observations. They proceed from a dark recognition: that one political community, frustrated by its inability to persuade, has tossed aside the rules of ideological intercourse in favor of violence. It’s happened in other places and times, of course. Several of those have become iconic lessons in what happens when evil starts feeling its oats but good men elect to do nothing.

     However, they do guarantee one thing: The climax of our current political upheavals is on the horizon and approaching at speed. We have entered the concluding phase of America’s political deterioration. Moreover, the odds appear to be “in our favor:” i.e., in favor of the return to a civilized order, albeit not a meticulously Constitutional one.

     The Left has other tactics than crowd violence, of course. Some of them are harder to counter. But its use of street thuggery has been countered most effectively. Will it cease immediately? Probably not. There must be a few more bloodied faces before they get the idea that the most recent response to their tactics wasn’t a “one-off.”

     And we can expect a few more priceless whines such as the one cited above. Pass them around, by all means. The deplorability of schadenfreude notwithstanding, we in the Right can always use a good laugh.

     UPDATE: This Gavin McInnes video should provide some encouragement -- and laughs:


Ronbo said...

EXCELLENT! I've posted a link at my blog! UP THE REPUBLIC!

Anonymous said...

Yes, pass them around and lets enjoy the humor. But do not fall into the trap of thinking all of the AF types are like this. There is likely a hard core of true believers who are capable. It is also likely there are those who come out because they just don't care and really enjoy the mayhem.

While adopting some of the attributes of the enemy we must also be watchful to not become them on the other end of the spectrum.

I think part of the whiner's problem is that he actually believed we on the right are stupid, inbred, deplorables and some of the shock is in finding out that we may have just a few more IQ points (and combat skills) than he allowed himself to believe.

Anonymous said...

A couple respectful clarifications - Antifa has ALWAYS carried weapons into these battles and is quick to use them - be it pepper spray used offensively, a U-bolt bicycle lock in an attempted murder, bricks, M-80s as improvised flash ban grenades, pieces of reinforcement bar, flagpoles - some with sharpened ends, empty wine bottles (as with the Moldylocks porn star who had her clock cleaned) and so on. But yes, it should be anticipated now that they will escalate to more conventional weaponry, as well as begin to collaborate more closely with BLM, et al, and to become more focused and actively aggressive in targeting via the Internet. Second, it has NEVER been the objective of the Left to "persuade" - collectivists by definition always seek to dominate and exert their tyranny - it's the one of the key distinguishing characteristics between a absolute democracy versus a republic.