Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Teaching your kids.

Here's a tweet on an unrelated issue by public school teacher, LoraJane Riedas, in Tampa, Florida, who didn't like "many" of her Christian students wearing a Christian cross ("gang symbols"):
The public school kids were not invited to the White House egg role this year. #microaggressions . . . .

    — LoraJane Riedas (@LoraJane) April 20, 2017[1]

I'd like to believe that auto-correct is this math teacher's enemy but I rather doubt it.

An Englishman, Simon Murray, once wrote a book about his five years in the French Foreign Legion (does anyone else have a Foreign Legion?). An aristocratic friend came to visit him and, while discussing the entertainment preferences of some of the other Legionnaires, the friend remarked that it never ceased to amaze him how some men would put their most precious possession where he would not deign to put the ferrule of his umbrella.

I think of that story when I contemplate citizens who meekly shell out taxes for government schools and then send their most precious possessions to those schools to be indoctrinated by morons like this woman who are hostile to the fundamental moral foundation of this Christian nation and are themselves sad products of the same system.

[1] "Lesbian Teacher BANS All Crucifix Necklaces From Her Classroom…Now She’s In Trouble!" By Just An American, Right Wing New, 4/23/17 (links omitted).

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