Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Change This Thanksgiving

For the first time in a long time, the main topic of conversation was NOT the horribleness of Trump.

Oh, one of the younger kids did make a joke - very brief - and was quickly glared into becoming quiet about politics.

But no Trump-Bashing. No lengthy analysis of how he would destroy the economy, the medical system, social services, education, etc.

I'm surprised to say it, but - I think the Left/Progressive branch of politics has finally worn itself out.

Now, that's not what I'm hearing in the news - Twitter is still full of hysterical Leftists and diehard HRC Supporters gloomily predicting the end of Western society - ALL due to That Man!

But, if my table is typical - and, it probably is - we may be nearing the end of the alliance of Progressives with Crazies and Radicals/George Soros' paid minions.

What a great outcome that would be!

In other news:

A new book uses an FBI  report to detail how the American Radicals allied with ISIS. I suspect that the Progressives are embarrassed about this, and want to dissociate themselves from that link.

The current pope, Francis, is a huge disappointment to many in the non-Leftist community. His understanding of economics and politics is colored by his experiences in Argentina during the time of the so-called Dirty War, that pitted the military government in power against Leftist guerrillas and terrorists. Neither side was without blame, and the whole enterprise is loaded with villains and victims - very few saints.

As a result, many Argentinians side more with the Left/Progressive factions. In the case of Pope Francis, that inclination has been exploited by George Soros. Will that man never die? He's like a real-life super-villain.

Just in case you need reminding about Soros.


Unknown said...

Soros reminds me of a villain from a Bond movie. I raise a glass when I hear of his demise.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Conservatives will readily admit that there was excess on both sides but leftists will never, ever admit the crimes of the left. The left hates Pinochet because he gave as good as he got and didn't mewl about what precious liberal values require. The commies tried to ambush him and he took that as a clue that they were trying to kill him. The Europeans could take a page out of his book. See the latest post at Gallia Watch for some discussion of France needing to be non-democratic to take the measures it needs to survive as a white, Western nation.